WPGM Reviews: Roskilde Festival 2016 – Day 3 (In Pictures)

Roskilde Festival 2016

James Blake










Tame Impala













Biffy Clyro


























Schoolboy Q




Mac DeMarco






Photos by Joseph O’Connell-Danes and Jamie Brown

Joseph O'Connell-Danes

I am a seventeen year old student who enjoys photography and cinematography. My main focus and subject is a group of local longboarders who go under the collective title 'The Lurk Express'. I have been taking photos and videos of the group for almost 3 years now. Through my work the group have achieved a range of sponsorships and brand deals, from clothing companies to some of the biggest skateboard companies in the world.

Whilst I love what I do with the camera, my main ambition is to be a chemist and pursue a degree in the subject. I do think that there are many parallels between my work with the camera and the subject of chemistry, with the ability to quickly problem solve being of great help in both cases.

I am looking to work with more companies in the future, for business enquiries contact me at: josephaka@hotmail.co.uk

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