WPGM Reviews: Coheed And Cambria Live At KOKO (In Pictures)

Coheed and Cambria_23_19 June
Coheed And Cambria perform live at KOKO on the 19th of June 2017 with pictures captured by London-based photographer Marianne Brits-Strodl.

Coheed and Cambria_22_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_21_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_20_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_19_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_18_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_17_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_16_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_15_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_14_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_13_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_12_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_10_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_09_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_08_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_07_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_06_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_05_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_04_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_03_19 June

Coheed and Cambria_02

Coheed and Cambria_01

Photos by Marianne Brits-Strodl

Marianne Brits-Strodl

Johannesburg-born, London-based photographer, Marianne Brits-Strodl is inextricably linked with, and have a genuine passion for the live music scene. The key to Marianne’s success in the arena of music photography is the originality of her work. Not necessarily the subject matter, but in the execution thereof. In terms of style, her work possesses all the instinctive immediacy of photojournalism and its frontline documentary approach, yet she somehow always manages to marry this with the considered curation of a high fashion editorial spread.Hers are powerful images – unstaged, unrehearsed, and strikingly candid – capturing the unbridled energy and charisma of the music scene, with glimpses into the quieter, more reflective moments of its artists in between...

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