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Best New Music Of The Week // April 20 – April 26, 2015

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Milli Major + Prez T + Paper Pabs – “Shut Down The Dance”:

Grime continues to experience its major resurgence in 2015 with three of the genre’s veterans Milli Major, Prez T and Paper Pabs reuniting for a brand new single titled “Shut Down The Dance”, which is taken from Milli Major’s forthcoming EP Bloods Thicker Than Water. The EP is due to be released on May 31, with the “Shut Down The Dance” single set for a June 7 release via Star Work Music. Listen to “Shut Down The Dance” below.

De La Soul + Nas – “God It”:

Kickstarter is a place to go to indulge your imagination, to see whether or not a crazy idea that fleetingly crossed your mind while tossing and turning in bed in the middle of the night might just work. Suffice it to say, for the few that have gotten extraordinary backing, there are 1000s that fall by the wayside. For the last ten years, De La Soul have been free of a record label, true independent artists.

So for their eighth album, they’ve shrewdly turned to Kickstarter for some funding and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’ve smashed their original goal and have now got close to $500,000 pledged. For the new album, De La are doing things a little differently: they’ve recorded over 200 hours of LA musicians’ jam sessions – equal to a staggering 250 to 300 full-length vinyl LPs – and are digging through that to find little gems to put together beats with, this way not having to worry about the ‘sampling police’ since they own every second of it.

They’ve given us a little flavour of their new cooking style with “God It”, and although it won’t feature on the upcoming album, it sounds like we’ve got plenty to look forward to anyway. The track’s dripping with head-bobbin’ funk and undeniable swag, and it’s no place for kids, as Posdnuous throws a “grown man salute” and Dave calls to “show respect to this grown man inc“. A little someone by the name of Nas joins in on the hook to add to the legendary air, and after Dave questions the claim that “case studies say hip hop is dead”, all three beg to differ, they “still god it”.

Florence + The Machine – “As Far As I Could Get”:

Florence + The Machine unveiled a new track titled “As Far As I Could Get” over the weekend, in celebration of the just concluded Record Store Day. “As Far As I Could Get” will appear on the deluxe edition of the forthcoming album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful which is scheduled for release on June 1. This will be the third album from Florence Welch, following Ceremonials in 2011 and her debut album Lungs in 2009. Listen to “As Far I Could Get” below.

J. Cole – “Wet Dreamz”:

When you think of ‘Puppy Love’, your brain’s most likely to go straight to the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp, and that kiss between the two pooches. It’s been recreated a thousand times by us humans, romantically sharing that strand of spaghetti until lips come together. J. Cole is putting a slightly different spin on ‘Puppy Love’ though, with his new video for the coming-of-age track “Wet Dreamz”, off his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album. It’s once again a clever clip from the rapper, with many moments that will crack a smile on your face, but all the while causing an almost unmanageable amount of uneasiness in you too, making the everyday-innocence of a puppy seem so, so unnaturally smutty. You’ll never look at them the same again.

Blur – “My Terracotta Heart”:

Blur have unveiled yet another new track from their forthcoming album The Magic Whip, due for release on April 27. “My Terracotta Heart” is the fourth new track to be shared off the new album, following “Lonesome Street”, “Go Out” and “There Are Too Many Of Us”. The Magic Whip marks the first new record for the legendary group since 2003’s ‘Think Tank. Listen to “My Terracotta Heart” below!

Seyi Shay – “Jangilova”:

In time for the wedding season, Nigerian Pop singer Seyi Shay has released the visuals to her beautiful new high-life track titled “Jangilova”. Written by Harrysong and produced by Del B, “Jangilova” is a romantic song telling a story of love and happy times. Directed by the Creative Arts Department of the University of Lagos, Nigeria, “Jangilova” is an entertaining traditional video featuring Nollywood Actor O.C Ukeje alongside Seyi Shay. “Jangilova” is sure to be a hit and perfect for the wedding season. Watch and enjoy the “Jangilova” video down below…

Shay La Rose – “Running”:

On the back of her last single “W.W.Y.D” and her preceding debut mixtape Coming Of A Rose, which have seen her being championed by the likes of MTV UK, SBTV and Colourful Radio among others, South London singer-songwriter Shay La Rose returns with her brand new single “Running”, produced by Benjiflow (Labrinth, Wretch 32, Loick Essien, Bobby V), and premiered via the MOBO Awards.

“Running” is Shay La Rose’s most honest and personal offering yet, set over an euphoric and towering musical backdrop filled with heavy synths and lush drum patterns, over which Shay La Rose beautifully lets her vocal prowess and artistic credibility shine through. Lyrically, Shay La Rose opens up about her hunger for music on this record, confessing to breaking out of a dark place which has been rife with obstacles and set backs that often come with pursuing a career in music.

With persistent themes of fear, pain and loneliness, and a need for freedom and peace of mind running through the record, Shay La Rose’s “Running” point towards a deep and profound struggle for escape. On what the outcome of this struggle might be, the British Nigerian artist says candidly, “moving forward, being free and just going for it. I really want people to connect and feel my emotion […] just going for what you want in life and running away from the madness”.

BREIS + Ebisan – “The Right Person”:

Introducing veteran British Nigerian Hip-Hop/Afrobeats artist BREIS (pronounced Breeze) with his brand new single “The Right Person” featuring Soul singer, songwriter and composer Ebisan and produced by award-winning producer Dr. Frabz, as premiered and championed by Rhythm FM, Beat FM, Cool FM, City FM and Top Radio, among other leading radio stations across Nigeria.

Arguably the best Hip Hop love song you’ll hear this year, “The Right Person” sees Breis wittingly and humorously speaking about wanting to be in love with the right person and not giving in to the pressure that relatives put on you to get married. The groovy record is laced with infectious organ arrangements and complementing drum patterns, over which Breis’ storytelling skills and seasoned flow shine to the fullest, supported by a compelling and glorious vocal display from Ebisan.

With an international tour set for the Summer, kicking off at the Afro-Pfingsten Festival in Switzerland on May 24, with tour stops at the Lagos Jazz Festival, London’s Cally Festival and the Pleins Feux Festival in France, before ending on July 25 at Soria in Spain, Breis is set for a very busy few months as he spreads his unique fusion of Hip Hop, Soul and Afrobeats to teeming listeners across the globe. Enjoy his new single “The Right Person” below.

Words by Ayo Adepoju, Oli Kuscher, Clare Povey and Shade Alegbeleye

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