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Best New Music Of The Week // November 5 – November 11, 2018

Benny Mayne + Terrell Morris – “dollas”

Benny Mayne is being tipped for big things in 2019. The Toronto-born LA-based musician has been making sensual R&B blended Hip Hop and provocative verses have been making considerable waves and clocking big numbers. It’s only been a minute, but Benny is back with his next big hit – “dollas

Teaming up with tastemaker label CloudKid, this cut hits even harder with him singing rhymes in that no-holds-barred style and sees him honing his purposefully paradoxical sound, blending downtempo beats with J Dilla style grooves. Terrell Morris comes in clean with a slick 16, flowing effortlessly like the beat was made for him.

Benny is part of a bubbling alternative music scene that is steadily growing and gaining international appeal. It is no surprise that in such a short space of time, he is garnering hundreds of thousands of plays on songs like “attitude” in collaboration with Jutes, “basic bitch,” “bounce” and “say my name” – which even recently surpassed half a million plays on Spotify.

Having recently signed to Paradigm Agency (booking agent of the likes of Bastille, Lil Uzi Vert, Sia and more) – “dollas” will certainly resonate with benny’s listeners no matter what genre they favor. Stay tuned as he continues to release his line of much-anticipated music.

Jacob Banks – “Slow Up”

Following the release of his highly-anticipated debut album Village, Jacob Banks premieres the poignant video for his previously released track “Slow Up” – in tandem with the announcing of Jacob as YouTube’s December ‘Artist on the Rise’.

Self-directed by Jacob, the cinematic visual captures complete strangers sharing intimate moments, portraying human nature’s propensity towards love and connection over hate. Poignantly capturing the human experience,t emphasizing that we are stronger together than we are alone. From a mother dancing with her son in a park, to a carefree young couple driving around in a convertible.

Over the past two years, Jacob has gone from opening for artists like Sam Smith and Emeli Sandé to headlining his own shows and playing top-tier festivals including Coachella and Lollapalooza among many others.

Having only premiered last week, Village has gone on to receive wide praise across the board, from Nylon to Newsweek – not to mention album standout “Be Good To Me” with Seinabo Sey being featured on ‘The Playlist’ by The New York Times.

Pip Millett – “Talk About It”

Following her impressive debut releases “Make Me Cry” and “Love The Things You Do” earlier this year, rising London R&B star Pip Millet releases a brand new offering, “Talk About It” – Another thrillingly deep, potent offering from one of the rapidly emerging breakout names of 2018.

A pensive, guitar-led instrumental masks a quietly powerful, emotive take on contemporary issues. Producer Luke Gomm creates a flowy soundscape in which Millet shines in such a natural way, but what is even more poignant is her ability to create narrative that touch on personal subjects with delicate care just like she has here on something as serious as mental health is admirable.

Speaking on the track, Pip states: “’Talk About It‘ was actually written with my boyfriend in mind. It’s yet another song about mental health but I think it’s a very present thing in most people’s lives, and people are finally talking about it.”

“The effect that it has on relationships can be quite major… People also express their own mental health issues in different ways, so there’s never a right way to handle it. I’m hoping that my honesty might bring a bit of comfort to others.”

With a perfect blend of pure vocal talent and effortless style even at this early stage, Pip continues to establish herself as one of the year’s brightest new stars.

Ariana Grande – “breathin”

Fresh off the television debut of her new single “thank u, next,Ariana Grande keeps on “breathin” with a brand new video for a considered fan favourite off her recent album Sweetener.

Frequent collaborator Hannah Lux Davis has directed the clip which finds the pop superstar at what appears to be New York’s Grand Central station as well as a crowded bar while the world passes her by at a super quick pace. As the song speaks on the notion of anxiety, the visuals are donned with clouds as if to represent anxiety, in which she seems to conquer by the end.

“Just keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’,” she sings. “I know I gotta keep, keep on breathin’.”

“breathin” is the fourth visual from Sweetener following “God is a woman”, “the light is coming”, and “no tears left to cry”. Ariana is now readying her next album thank u, next featuring her single of the same name which came out a few short days ago.

Rukhsana Merrise – “Could’ve Been”

Fresh from featuring on Ghetts’ BBC 1Xtra Live Lounge show, West London singer-songwriter Rukhsana Merrise releases new single “Could’ve Been“, the second track taken from her hotly anticipated debut album Child, out December 14.

“Could’ve Been” showcases Rukhsana’s varied musical influences, drawing on folk and R&B to create an anthemically empowering story that touches upon the role chance can play in life. The delicate acoustic guitar verses pay homage to her early musical interests, while the R&B/Pop beat of the chorus show her refined taste . She manages to maintain an effortless flow over both styles is a testament to her skills as both a vocalist and songwriter.

Speaking on “Could’ve Been”, Rukhsana says: “Do you remember what you wanted to be ‘when you grow up?’ Takes you back right?”

“I remember wanting to be cool, heal the world and be just like my Auntie Merrise. As time goes on, we become adults and some of us end up being everything but the things we thought we would be. But does this mean you haven’t lived out your dream? This sentiment is to acknowledge the things you are vs the things you could’ve been.In the famous words of Kanye ‘Everything i’m not, made me everything I am.'”

Tim Atlas – “Sidestep”

Emerging Bay Area artist Tim Atlas appears into the scene with a more intriguing backstory than most. The California native took a leap and moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time after some kind words from none other than Pharrell and Rihanna.

A DIY artist in many aspects, he writes, performs, produces and directs his own content. 20M streams later, Tim is now releasing his new EP, out February 2019 and “Sidestep” is the first single off of that EP.

Delivered in support for World Mental Health Day, Tim’s self produced, 80s glitch-laced electronic instrumental provides an innovative backdrop for his honest account on experiences with social anxiety, with his coy, throaty vocal performance. It comes with a beautifully crafted visual narrative, lava lamps, pet dogs and Netflix binging all in the mix.

“Sidestep is about feeling drained after social interaction. Sometimes I facilitate a conversation, and I feel the need to start pulling from anything I can to try and accommodate the other person’s comfortability. It exhausts me, and eventually, I start to avoid those situations as much as possible, AKA be a hermit and binge Netflix shows.”

Words by Jay Tijani

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