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We Plug To You… Bitter’s Kiss

Bitter's Kiss
Chloe Baker’s project Bitter’s Kiss is a very emotive and personal way of expressing her inner thoughts and feelings through singing and songwriting. In her music, she expresses vulnerability combined with her unique positive energy. She is of a uniquely young age, but with the guidance of her father, she is following her music dream.

From her early years as a child, she has had many music memories, as her father had a music studio in their home, with lots of guitars and lots of artistic wanderings as he was a member of a band and an active member of the musical theatre of the time. Her home base is in Weehawken, New Jersey and there, with the help of her father, she creates, writes, produces and records all of her songs.

Only within a little time in her music journey, but taking her music very seriously, she has garnered a lot of attention on social media and in real life, and with that attention, she gets more motivation to work harder and develop herself further, as a person, and also as a musician.

With her latest EP Love Won’t Make You Cry, which she released on April 15, only a few months ago, she gained my attention because of the very high quality of the music sensibilities of her songs and her vocal possibilities. Her melodies are interesting, ethereal and powerful with sweet guitars in many songs but also guitars within a more dynamic version in others.

The instrumentation on this album are just about as much as is needed, with a guitar, a piano, bass and drums, forming the basis for the music. The EP is filled with basic minimalistic, but also warm and smooth sounds, with an atmospheric music outcome, and combined with her dreamy vocals and lyrics, it’s all that you need to hear to take you into a calm, louse mood, and open you up to just dream a little bit more.

Bitter Kiss”, the first song from her 2015 self-titled album, is a break up song, full of melancholic feelings about the decision she had to make. As she sings, she is telling to us her truth, singing that it was the right decision leaving him at the time. “Waste Of It all” is another break up song but with a different view, where Bitter’s Kiss is feeling relieved and also a bit happy, when the relationship is finally over.

On her latest EP, title track “Love Won’t Make You Cry”, is all about how love should be – free and unconventional, according to Bitter’s Kiss. The video clip of the song is really good and with a twist at the end that you will not expect. Another highlight “No One Will” is full of romantic images with sweet deep lyrics, a girly song about how fragile we all are sometimes.

The Rope” which I think is one of her best tracks yet, is based on a true story about when her cousin ended his own life, as she tackles the feelings she had at the time. To go along with the very serious situation she tackles on this song, Bitter’s Kiss had made a respectable music video, without making it to heavy. The video concept is brilliant as are the song’s lyrics and vocal interpretation.

Another highlight “Lovin’ Life” is all about the greatness we should feel everyday, even if we are not always at our best, and even if there aren’t always any positivity happening around us, we all should feel grateful for this gift that we have called life, and enjoy our every moment.

Already Gone” is full of sweetness in its sadness, which sees Bitter’s Kiss singing about a girl that has already gone from the relationship, and who will not look back ever again, because better things, people and situations are definitely going to come to her in the future.

Too Far Too Fast” is the last song on Bitter’s Kiss self-titled and is a song dedicated to the emotions she had when her older sister went to college and how time passed since they were little, so it was too far too fast for them. It is a sweet song that I am sure you will enjoy, particularly those of you who have sent your loved ones for a better life or a better education somewhere else, and think that the time passes quickly.

Chloe Baker’s Bitter’s Kiss is in my opinion, here to stay, with her beautiful songs, excellent character and her romantic vocals and music, making us all think about our own vulnerabilities and how we can became stronger and eventually happier in our lives! Keep tabs on Bitter’s Kiss on Facebook, Twitter and her website, and purchase her Love Won’t Make You Cry EP on iTunes here.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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