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We Plug To You… Glenn Lewis – Moment of Truth (Album)


I hope everyone one is well and enjoying the Summer so far! I have been sitting on this feature for about a month but the second I saw it in my inbox, I just knew I had to do this piece and I’m quite happy to plug to you, Moment of Truth from the wonderful Glenn Lewis. You guys can not imagine the excitement I felt when I realised that he had FINALLY released an album! Its been what, eleven years since his last album, so FINALLY here it is!

Glenn Lewis first came on the scene in 2002 as a Neo-Soul/R&B artist. His first album World Outside My Window was well-received by listeners and his lead single “Don’t You Forget It” performed solidly on global charts that year and the following year. Back for More was the name of his second album which never got released as he left his label, Epic Records in 2005. He later signed to Underdog to work on an album titled Remember Me which also was never released as he left that label as well. He finally reconnected with the producers from his first album, Dre and Vidal, and released ‘Good One’ in 2010 and fast forward to 2013, the sophomore album from Glenn Lewis, Moment of Truth will be released via Capitol Records on August 20.

Right, we’re just going to get stuck into the music. So you remember how ridiculous Glenn’s voice is right? Wait until you hear the track titled “All My Love” featuring fellow Canadian R&B royalty Melanie Fiona. This one is a prime example of a grown up tune with none of that unnecessary banging to hide their amazing vocals, just heartfelt music. The slightly upbeat Reggae tempo just sets the whole track on a smooth procession right to the end and even though we’ve all heard much of the lyrics on this song before in some shape or form, when Glenn Lewis sings “don’t he know when you carry gold you can’t toss it around like it is silver you’ll never glitter // So just let him know that someone like me is around the corner waiting my turn just to deliver…”, he is simply breathe taking, like c’mon! If someone stepped up to me with that line… Well lets not go there. “All My Love” is definitely the right way to get stuck into this album in my opinion, hit play below:

“All My Love”:

P.S if this gets you going then you have to check out “Time Soon Come” as well, thank me later 😉

Overall this album definitely has a more R&B feel to it than Glenn Lewis’ debut album World Outside My Window and its also a lot lighter. I remember listening to that album and just feeling like I was literally in another world, it wasn’t like any other album out there and I remember waiting for so long with excitement to see how his music would evolve through time but obviously that never entirely happened as his next album comes a whooping eleven years later.

To be honest, I’d much rather see him take a slightly more R&B turn then hear him make power Pop Chris Brown-like tracks, and I’m not saying he wouldn’t be versatile enough to pull a track like that off, it’s just that after waiting so long for an album release from Glenn Lewis, I find myself aching for something different, even if ‘different’ is really just what he did eleven years ago. The second track I will be plugging to you is a prime example of what I mean when I say this album takes a slightly more R&B turn that its predecessor. “Closer” is an excellent tune that will hit you from your first listen, from the deft piano and bass guitar arrangements to that lush string section.


“I Wanna Go Deep” is another big tune for me on this album and not by choice. We’ll skip over the lyrics because I’m sure we can all sum up the gist of this song, plus its actually the chorus that really does it for me. Once he hits that “… loving you crazy yeah” part, I just sorta lose it. For me, that’s when the whole song really comes together and I can just imagine him going nuts with adlibs when he performs this song live. If you like this track, then you also have to listen to “Make Luv” which is another heavy bedroom burner. I have to say, I’m very happy to see Mr Lewis turn on the sexy majorly on this album, its so exciting!

“I Wanna Go Deep”:

I can’t decide on the final track from Moment Of Truth to share with you, I mean there’s “Ugly Face” that makes Trey Songz‘ “Love Faces” look like child’s play but then there’s also “Can’t Say Love” which really sums up the sound for the whole album but then there’s the underdog tune for me, “Up & Down” which is my new ‘ride or die’ anthem. I honestly don’t know which to plug last, there are so many choices and all so perfect. I think the conventional thing to do would be to share “Can’t Say Love” which is his first official single from the album, even though “Up & Down” sits better with me at heart. Don’t get me wrong, “Can’t Say Love” is a beautiful song and probably the best song to release as the first official single. It gives listeners the chance to ease into the album and sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s a lovely down tempo romantic ballad about just how significant the word ‘Love’ is.

“Can’t Say Love”:

I am thrilled that Glenn is back and I’m super proud that he stuck to what he’s good at! It’s almost like he made this album somewhere secret and hidden, where nothing in today’s chart could influence him. Thank God! Yes, this album might not be as contextually heavy as his last album but that does not mean it lacks the same amount of depth. Every song on this album delivers and that’s just it. He has been gone for a while but with this album, he ensures that his fans have not missed out on anything. This album definitely gets a ‘GOOD’ stamp from me!

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Until next time guys, keep safe.

Jade O

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