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WPGM Commentary: AGGi Believes In The Process With Patience On ‘Follow’

Wagwan, music lovers! My name is AGGi and I’m a Ghanaian-Danish music artist. I released my fourth single on the 14th of June and I’m so excited for this release! “Follow” draws musical inspiration from the genre amapiano, with its well-known Log and drum bass, but it’s mostly categorized as an afropop single.

The song was created in Johannesburg, South Africa, in collaboration with the talented producers UBeyond from South Africa (Sjava, Mnqobi Yazo), as well as Danish musician Mark Fosnæs (Allen, Jake Lee, etc.), and Ugandan-Danish Elias Anguyo (Bette, Ilma, Smagpådigselv, etc.).

I, together with Ubeyond, Mark and co. created the first sketch of “Follow” on a songwriting camp in Joburg in April 2024. The camp is called Amagroove and is a beautiful concept created by the Riky Rick foundation, Autor and Onegroove. The camp is here to create musical collaborations between artists from different cultures, statuses, and levels, with a focus on artists from Denmark and South Africa.

At the camp I had a moment of gratitude for being able to create music and follow my dream, which is to make music for a living, share my story and be creative in all aspects. The lyrics for “Follow” naturally came to me in the session I had with Ubeyond and Mark.

In that session, I really felt our privileges and opportunities that many people might never get. So I feel like this single is not only our song, but a motivational song for the ones who dare to dream, no matter where you come from.

“Follow” is about following your dreams and believing in the process with patience. My motivation only gets bigger and bigger with each one single we make. We won’t stop until we report sold out at the big venues. We are actually playing at the biggest festival in Denmark, Roskilde Festival this year and it’s a pinch me moment!

I’ve been writing music since I was 14 years old, but started taking my music career seriously 3 years ago. My motivation grows with every song we create and we won’t stop until we sell out the big venues. With this single I hope to evoke motivation, power and dreams for the listeners.

The backstory I have for my motivation and inspiration for this single, comes from my Pappa, who traveled all the way from Ghana over the Atlantic sea towards Europe in hope and dreams for a better life, for himself and for his child. He worked on a ship as a ‘modern slave’ for a long time and ended up in Germany, where he was working at a German harbor and hiding from the government for years, before he was forced to go to Denmark for better chances.

He found my mom in Denmark and fought the Danish system for many years, before my parents were finally able to get the family reunification that they tried to get for many, many years. Heartbreakingly he passed away when I was 8 years old. Me and my family’s story is one of the reasons why I am the artist I am today and “Follow” is truly in memory of my Pappa.

And with my upcoming debut album, I will illuminate topics such as being a minority and woman in Europe, independence and based on my fathers story, immigrants being one of them as well. “Follow” is therefore only the beginning of a larger project, which I’m hoping will reach as far as possible, globally. Love, AGGi.

Listen to “Follow” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Word by AGGi // Follow her on Instagram + TikTok

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