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WPGM Commentary: DEJA On The Making Of Her Debut EP ‘Intro’

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My name is DEJA and my latest project Intro is exactly that; an introduction to the love, lust and loss in my world.

For years I’ve been looking for ‘the’ sound to enter streaming spaces with. Long story short – one day I find Corey K and that was it. Life made. Corey K is my producer and co-writer on the EP and so many more bangers to come. We actually have so much music together. When it was time to release a collection (the EP), I chose a few of our tracks that best painted an all round picture of DEJA.

With our sessions in the studio, it tends to go like this… I get to studio. I chat about some f**kery that’s happening – usually boy or money related. Corey shakes his head. Corey makes a likkle beat or idea. We build with melodies and bars until lunch.

We go out and get way too much to eat. We sit, eat and watch The 85 South Comedy Show. We come back to the track with the itis! We bang out the track until it is recorded in at least DEMO form. It also works the other way round. Sometimes I have some hook that I bring and Corey builds around it.

Anyway, I mentioned before, I wrote this EP after going through some love, a lotta lust and a bit of loss. Lemme explain…

With love, I’m learning romance isn’t really my thing. “Last Dance” is as close to a love song as I can get. I actually wrote “Last Dance” when I was with my ex. It’s about coming home and giving the goods to the chosen one.

Whether it be your partner or the guy you just picked up. But yeah, most of the EP is about my shameless love for MYSELF. I might even say I put myself on a pedestal. “Sit Down”, “Control”, “Ted Talk” – all proof lol.

The great thing about the EP is the honesty. “Ted Talk” was the first track Corey and I made actually. On that day in particular, I was smoking more cigarettes than normal. Honey, I was stressed. So we wrote some s**t about the fact that I, DEJA, am a hot mess but I know it and I don’t beat myself up about it, so everyone else should mind their business.

As for loss, like I say, I have an ex. He was my first boyfriend and most likely my last. Let’s say “Losing Game” is my version of a break up song.

“Paris” speaks to the lust element of the EP. A sexy song for a sexy place. Had to be. This one’s all about my naughty times in France. Every time I go there, it’s a good time. I’ll say no more!

Right, you get the gist. Intro is an insight into DEJA on an intimate level from a feminine-heavy perspective.

Speaking of females… my team is small but pussy-powered so strong AF. With the artwork, I can only take credit for my face. Everything else – the concept, the outfit, the goddamn pose – was and is my team. I’ve been through it with past management tryna censor the person I am. But 2021 will see DEJA being unapologetically DEJA and my music aims to give you the power to do the same.

I’m very much in an unapologetic place right now so most of the tracks affirm my assertion of power; “Ted Talk”, “Sit Down”, “Control”, all came from an IDGAF kinda energy. Yes, I class myself as a baddie and yes, I’m a gemini – we multifaceted honey! I honestly believe the world would be a better place if women took the lead.

So go listen to Intro. It bangs x

Words by DEJA // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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