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WPGM Commentary: Shocka Wants You To Be Free From Shame On ‘Don’t Be Ashamed’

My name is Shocka and the intention behind writing “Don’t Be Ashamed” at first was to help people with the shame attached to being sectioned. As most of my long-standing supporters know, I’ve been sectioned four times, as well as being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. For my new supporters, now you do!

With this and through my own experiences, I get the chance to speak to a lot of people batting with serious mental health issues, and from what I’ve learnt they all have something in common – that there’s a feeling of shame, especially around being sectioned.

It mainly stems from the societal perceptions around getting put in hospital for your mental health as there has been an age long stigma that your spiritually is cursed or you’re a crazy person.

The thing is, I have been around a lot of patients who are the most beautiful souls when given the chance to speak and open up, which is why my theme for the year is vulnerability, having witnessed how we judge people on a surface level and how wrong we are to do so.

Vulnerability gives you the chance to go beyond the layers and dig deeper to a place where you can find something beautiful. Since I released “Don’t Be Ashamed”, I’ve been studying shame and I came across something very interesting: in the Chart of Vibration, the highest is love and one of the lowest is actually shame.

If you’re not aware, the Chart of Vibration stems from the belief that everything is vibration and you can only bring into your life the things that match your vibration.

With that in mind, someone who is vibrating at the level of shame will bring into their existence a matching energy, so I’ve made it my mission to help as many people eradicate their feeling of shame. This is why I started this off by saying the intention was to help people with the shame around sectioning but now I’ve realised the purpose is much bigger.

The feedback I’ve been getting so far from the release has given me all the fuel I need to continue this mission – I am grateful to anyone who has given me the opportunity to express and share my beliefs with the world. The goal is to start a ripple effect of people hearing my story, to being inspired to tell their story, to hopefully helping other people overcome their shame and bring about healing. After healing comes freedom.

There are a lot of beautiful lyrics in the song that really stand out to me, such as “when you speak your truth it leads you in the best direction”. People are so afraid to speak their truth not knowing that, that is the key to unlock all their blessings.

Someone said to me the other day “wherever your lyrics come from is where the listener is going to feel it”, meaning if your words come from a place of falsehood that’s what they’re going to feel but if they are coming from a place of truth that’s what they will feel. I told him people cry at my shows and he said that’s because my words come from my heart so they feel it in their heart too.

On one final note, another lyric from the song “I am proud of me, I am proud of me, I am so proud and they can’t take it out of me”. People find it so hard to be proud of themselves, they find it cringe but cringe is really good, cringe is a sign of growth. If you don’t cringe it means you’re not growing at all. So, I encourage you to cringe more. And “don’t be ashamed”.

Watch the video for “Don’t Be Ashamed” below!

Words by Shocka // Follow him on Instagram + Twitter

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