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WPGM Commentary: Vicky Sola Wants To Make Her Relationship Work In ‘Stay’

My name is Vicky Sola, I am Nigerian, born and raised in London United Kingdom. I am an Afro-fusion singer, songwriter, performer and producer. Every song I create must have at least a touch of Afro in it. So far, I have fused Dancehall, funk/hip-hop, house and Amapiano. I am looking forward to experimenting with many more sounds and genres with Afrobeats.

I have been creating Afro-fusion for the past 9 years and I still love it! So feel free to join me on my musical journey of Afro-fusion. I have been so passionate about Afrobeats/African music since I was born, listening to my Nigerian parents play the likes of King Sunny Ade, Lagbaja, Ebenezer Obey, Fela Kuti, Shina Peters and many more around the house.

During my teenage years I went to a performing arts secondary school, where I had so many great opportunities to train and develop my skills in a wide range of arts. The arts I leaned towards to was singing, dancing, drama and music production. At the time, I didn’t believe I was great in music production as I felt it was so hard and technical.

Fast forward into time, I started to save up for my home studio back in 2016. I started off with investing in a microphone then a sound system, one equipment at a time. I made a few mistakes alone the journey of building until I finally completed the set up in 2020, where I had more time to build and create during the lockdown.

Creating music is so therapeutic it allows me to express myself and get my words out through song writing. I tend to enjoy creating music when I’m alone in my bedroom in my solitude where my thoughts are loud.

Stay” is my fourth release of 2021, which was recorded, written and produced in my bedroom. I started off with producing the African drum patterns followed by the guitars and synth melodies and Bass and then, recording my vocals on the beat.

I usually start off by singing melodies followed by the lyrics. I totally enjoyed creating “Stay” and having the freedom to produce whatever I want, whenever I want in a space that is so convenient and having ownership of my creativity.

“Stay” is all about making a relationship work in any weather. I express that there will be some ups and downs but as so long as the foundation is solid and that the love is reciprocated. “Stay” is giving me afropop vibes with a romantic feel for the lovers out there or even for those who desire being loved by a special someone.

I wanted the artwork to be simple yet bold, with two hands holding each other representing togetherness. I always love my artwork to have a cartoon effect it’s fun and exciting when the image comes to life in an animated way.

Furthermore, I have been an independent artist since 2016 and have not looked back ever since. It has been a long and challenging journey of trying to get my feet back up to be consistent and I feel I’m in a better place musically again.

I almost gave up in the process. I don’t think I would be a producer if I didn’t grow through the rough and dark times. Those rough times really pruned me and unlocked a better version of me. I want to inspire many aspiring artists out there to keep doing what they love, there is no rules to creativity, just enjoy the process.

I love every song I release and that’s what really matters. What I find so fulfilling is when people can relate to my music or it has helped them to get through something they are going through. I don’t think I would ever stop doing music.

Listen to “Stay” below and download it here.

Words by Vicky Sola // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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