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WPGM Interviews: Melle Brown – Career In Full ‘Blossom’, Musical Influences And Future Plans

Melle Brown Editorial
Please allow me to introduce to you North London based radio host, music producer, and DJ, Melle Brown, who has released her brand new self-produced project, titled Blossom.

It’s a five track masterpiece of soulful electronic tracks, plus one bonus remix, with support from some of London’s talented artists, including Danni Wells, Yolanta Rosetta, Mr Benjamin and Karis.

You may have heard about her for her feature on Reprezent Radio with co-host, Blue Canarinho, on the BrownXBlue show, every Wednesday from 10am-12pm.

Melle is one multi-talented rising star who is definitely one to watch as she is all about empowering and honing her talents, setting her up for a bright future.

She recently featured in fellow UK artist Shae Universe’s music video for “Big Mistake”, she has also worked with the Sorority House and Girls I Rate creatives.

Many moons ago, Melle attended the Brit School and London College Of Music which has developed and nurtured her for this project.

It has been a busy year for Melle thus far but the reception for Blossom from the likes of Galdemzine and Official Kush, to name a few, is a testimony of all her hard work paying off.

WPGM caught up with Melle to discuss all things Blossom, future plans, musical influences and more! Starting with the recognition and support of her debut EP, Blossom, whilst also learning more about what motivates her as a producer.

Melle Brown’s music career began at the age of five as she started going to creative music courses at the weekend arts college which then led her to attend the Roundhouse where her love for music production was birthed.

“Blossom is a display of my loves, fears, progressions and experiences over a long period of time, which have all moulded me into the person I am today”.

The sounds on the EP are a sublime blend of soulful electronic tracks that aren’t your typical UK sound which the production demonstrates and Melle explains that throughout her journey she learnt that it’s okay to creatively express yourself in whatever feels natural to you.

Blossom has been a work in progress over the past two years. Once Blossom was released, Melle got a lot of positive feedback and support from it, and was shocked by the response, and will utilise going forward for her forthcoming projects.

“When I come up with melody, lines, I record them on my phone for safe keeping, then develop these ideas with the artists I work with in a collaborative manner”.

We asked Melle what made her want to self-produce Blossom as she is also a songwriter and she confirms that she is a producer first, but the way she produces her music, various song writing ideas and melodies naturally develop as she plays around with chords and production ideas.

“Blossom is just the beginning for me and my future plans I could not have produced and released this EP at a better time in my life”.

Melle Brown Editorial II
Feature artists on the EP are Danni Wells, Yolanta Rosetta, Mr. Benjamin, Karis and Casskidd. Musicians on the project were Jack The Sax, Shaun Lewis, Jay Musique and Samuel Elliot.

All of whom are on a similar journey to her. These features showcase the above talents that people may not have previously been aware of. They have been a part of Melle’s journey in the run up to Blossom.

This EP has the power to make you move, but also gives you the opportunity to reflect over easy listening. Fans and listeners alike should feel refreshed or somehow connected to Melle Brown. Whether it’s the stunning sax solo, or the side chain on one of her synths.

Melle’s musical influences are Snarky Puppy, Kaytranda, Robert Glasper, Disclosure, Peven Everett, Jazz Tronik, Natalie Williams, Lido, Jordan Rakei and many more!

Melle’s eclectic music taste is very wide but she especially loves the neo-soul, jazz, and electronic genres, and aspires to collaborate with Emmavie, Intakekt, Tom Misch, Masego, Shae Universe, Tiana Major9 and 808 Inc: “If I had to choose a dream collaboration, it would be with Little Simz or Kaytranda”.

Considering Melle Brown’s multiple talents we were intrigued to find out more about what she sees herself doing more of in the future. Song writing, or producing? She explains “with the way I work I don’t see these as separate. I am involved in every single step of the way in my music, from the point of the writing, melodies, and harmonies with the artists. I chose to work with to the final process of mixing and mastering. So an equal amount of both”.

So what’s next for Melle Brown? I can assure you nothing short of greatness, according to the North London native: “I plan to release more solo music and EP collaborations, events, DJ gigs and, of course, great radio! I’m going to continue pushing myself, growing in more areas unfamiliar to me”.

Melle’s debut EP, Blossom, is available for you to download on her Bandcamp, here; and you can listen to it directly via her SoundCloud, below:

Also visit her Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube and website pages to keep tabs on Melle Brown.

Words by Chama Mulenga

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