WPGM Interviews: The Hunna – Writing Real Songs, Living The Dream And ‘100’

Fire, fire! The Hunna are the first UK alternative rock band to be signed to US indie label, 300 Entertainment. They released their debut album, 100, on August 26, and landed at #13 on the official UK Albums Chart.

I met them at their album launch party at the Hippodrome in Kingston, London. The crowd was booming and the fans could sing along to all their songs – even the ones that were just released a week before the gig, plus girls were screaming when Valentino-100 took off his shirt on stage.

After the concert, I made my way to the backstage entrance, where their manager was already waiting for me. I could feel how much their groupies hated me for my position, haha. Upstairs I was welcomed by the lead singer giving me a tight hug. “Oh, I’m still sweaty, I hope you don’t mind”. Of course I didn’t mind. Who would?

Later, when I asked them how they were feeling, they answered “F**king amazing! This feels like a dream. Like being in a different world”. We talked about what they think people get wrong about them, relationships, and if they check out covers of their songs on YouTube.

Please tell us about your early life. What were the milestones that got you to the point where you are today?

We have all know each other for a real long time now. We (BD-100 & Valentino-100) started this band at the age of sixteen. We meet on a Music Practice College course, brothers from other mothers. We knew then that we wanted to do this seriously. We worked full time working many different jobs to independently fund recordings. We would then submit them to as many managements and labels as possible. Keep learning and never give up, 1Hunna.

The timing with IK was so perfect, he just left a band he was in and we needed a drummer so we asked him to join. He came to a rehearsal and the connection between us instantly was real. Prince Jama has always been there since day. BD-100 & Jama have known each other since little school, life time friendship. He never missed a show as friend, and has always been there for us. One day in London after a show IK said Jama should be in this band and should play bass. He asked him and he did. There The Hunna was formed“.

For how long have you been playing together with that band name?

We have been under the name The Hunna for like two years now. However we have been playing together for a long long time. We used to go under other names. As The Hunna we spent nearly two years purely writing as many songs as possible, 100’s have been written and stored safely in The Hunna Bank. We ready!

How often do you practice together?

We’ve been practicing together for years but now it’s normally day after day leading toward tours and shows. Rehearsals are so dope, we have a lot fun“.

What are your plans for the future?

For us personally, we want to be one of those bands who inspire future generations like the greats who have inspired us. To die as legends. Future plans… To be the biggest band in the world and do everything expected of us“.

What is your favorite thing to see in the audience while you are on stage?

Seeing the H-Squad sing our songs back at us is a favourite. It means a lot. The energy they give is seriously something special. So blessed by the fans“.

How does it feel to play a brand new song on stage for the first time?

Complete radbars! Seeing fans reactions face to face is the one. 100-Livin“.

Do you check out cover versions of your songs on YouTube?

You know it! That’s a thing we actually like to do when we chill. We get together, smoke up and watch everything on YouTube. We believe we have seen them all. Covers, interviews and everything. Everyone keep those covers coming!

Do you feel like people get what you are about?

We’ve started to notice that people think we are a processed band who have been formed by a label and all our songs have been written for us. Not f**king true! Not even in the slightest. What we have has taken years to create and the journey it has taken has been so hard. Doing everything we have done has required our lives… Pure commitment. Everything you see is authentic and the songs written are real and mean everything to us“.

If you could hope that your album inspired someone to do something, what would that thing be?

To go do what makes you happy in life. Grab the bull by the horns and go for it. Lit lit lit! Life is to short to not. Ignore all forms of negativity and focus on your personal goal. We have had a list full of set backs but allow them and keep going. Hunna-Livin always“.

How do you usually come up with new ideas for lyrics?

We have many different methods to song writing. Mainly we (Valentino & BD-100) write in BD’s bedroom on Logic Pro X and take what we have to the rehearsal room for IK & Prince Jama to write on. We honestly communicate to each other and we think that helps the tracks go from being awesome to being complete madbars!

We also like to write with Tim Larcombe (Uncle-Tim). He is so passionate about real music and has many years of writing on his belt. He has taught us a lot about this industry and the processes of song writing. Forever love him and want to work with him“.

Which emotions do you want others to feel when listening to your songs?

We want the listener to feel whatever they wanna feel when listening to us. Leave the imagination to unravel. Create a personal relationship with the track. Someone once told us the beauty of music is it’s mystery and telling someone what it should mean to them is a waste of time. We believe that“.

What’s your favorite song lately?

Drake’s Feel No Ways

Some of you guys are in a relationship. How do you manage that?

Yeah it’s real difficult a lot of time, especially being away on the road all the time. If it is supposed to be it will be“. 

When was the last time you felt completely free?

Literally right now. We are living that dream we have always wanted to live. Honestly, we couldn’t be a happier band“.

What inspired you to write ‘Still Got Blood’? Tell us about the background.

For us personally ‘Still Got Blood’ is a prospective from our side of things when having a relationship whilst being in a band. ‘It’s tough, there is always gonna be band stuff’, it’s nice to express how we feel with everything we have going on“.

If you want to share random facts about you, here’s the place to do it:

Real names to squad names:
Ryan Potter – Valentino-100
Daniel Dorney – BD-100
Jermaine Angin – Prince Jama
Jack Metcalfe – Insta-King

The Hunna are currently on a nationwide UK tour, and will be joining Jimmy Eat World on their American tour this autumn. Get your tickets here, and keep tabs on The Hunna via Facebook and Twitter.

Words by Jazz Egger

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