WPGM Recommends: Ady Suleiman – What’s The Score (EP Review)

ady suleiman what's the score
With another EP under Ady Suleiman’s belt, this one entitled What’s The Score, this exciting young musical prospect is building up a strong music catalogue suggesting he means business. Throwing soul, pop, R&B and a dash of reggae into his melting pot, this rising star has produced a very unique and yummy mix. Working with his smooth airy voice, full of heart and soul, he poetically delivers his playful yet social realistic lyrics which will get you either swooning or singing along in no time. This EP offers more of the same and I mean that in the best way as ‘same’ is good, don’t change Ady. You have got a winning sound here.

Ady’s What’s The Score EP consists of three full length tracks, an interlude and an outro. The first song off the record is the title track “What’s The Record”, which Ady released as his first single. This track is arguably the fun poppy one of the EP which manages to incorporate multiple genres to work harmoniously together. There’s a Brazilian party element to this one which kick-starts the track and sets the mood, eventually it explodes to life with the warm heartfelt chorus attempting to win the love of a girl. Ady has an incredible way of telling a story, making the content seem highly relatable and comfortable for the listener.

The track also includes a verse at the end featuring rapper Joey Bada$$. Talking to Fader about this collaboration, Ady states that, “I’m a big fan of Joey’s and always wanted to do something with him, so when I was looking for a feature for this track he instantly came to mind. When I was in the studio with The Social Experiment, he was working there too, and had come across my stuff and apparently liked it. I clocked him tweeting some of my lyrics once so I reached out to him, sent him the track and asked if he’d be up for getting involved. The video was shot over a weekend in Barcelona with some close mates—it was proper chill, I had a great time shooting, it was important to me to capture something real”.

The second track is my favourite song on the EP entitled “Ain’t The Beep”. Combining an incredible sexy saxophone sound with Ady’s suave velveteen vocals is a match made in musical heaven. This track’s cheeky chappy lyrics express Ady’s romantic manipulation experiences and how relationships end all too soon. It’s songs like these which make artists so lovable and human, despite being so very musically superior.

This is then followed by the interlude “Deeper Place” which consists of some beautiful layered harmonies chilling you out completely. The only shame about this track is how it’s only 1 minute 25 seconds long. I would love to hear an extended version of this song or a different song altogether with the similar soothing style. The song finishes with a girl on the phone to Ady concerned about Ady’s excessive drinking, calling him an alcoholic. Already living the ‘rockstar’ lifestyle I suppose.

This theme then continues onto his next track understandably titled “Drink Too Much”. This is an emotive slow jam marking the return of that catchy guitar hook and sexy sax. “Filled with liquid confidence”, he expresses in the song, falling into this dark habit as it ruins any chances of romance and becomes a serious problem Ady is supposedly having trouble with. Ady’s renowned for his tongue and cheek form of songwriting, but in this track it suggests he can deliver darker and mature lyrics in a moving fashion. The EP concludes with the calm outro “What You Guna Do”, offering more chilled vibes acting as the perfect mellow lullaby.

Expect big things from this artist. He offers something for all types of music lovers as he crosses over genres and looks as cool as you can be whilst doing it. Tickets for his first headline tour are currently on sale. So check the venues and dates here and make sure you get yourself on your way to one of his gigs. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, trust me. Ady Suleiman’s What’s The Score EP is out now via Sony Music, purchase it on iTunes here.

Words by Finn Brownbill

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