WPGM Recommends: Solaya Love – Illustrious (Album Review)

In collaboration with producer and composer John Atonic, singer-songwriter Solaya Love just released her new album titled Illustrious on the 28th of November. Utilizing several different genres from EDM to pop music, the record will take you to an illuminating journey which will speak to your heart and soul.

The album begins with “Let It Go”, which is a musical blast all about synth pop culture. Solaya Love has a certain expressionism which elevates the track with her vocals, and by which she may call to the heart of the listeners and take them to a music journey all along the way.

“I Like Music” follows and this is a more playful song that the album opener. The track expands upon the feelings and influences that music has on Solaya and at the same time, the track is inspiring and embodies the truth and the truly essence of what music is. After all, we all love music and we all like romance and this song is all about that.

The next track “Never Waken” is a more atmospheric offering, setting a slower tempo for the first time on the album. Solaya Love is a singer who sings about people and the experiences they have in the world and on this one, she sings about human relationships and the feeling of being in love when you never want to be awaken for the dream you live everyday with your loved one.

“Feels So Good” has an EDM ambience setting the mood for being authentic in everything you do, but at the same time by sharing your experiences with your special somebody and feeling good in the moment. “Pushing The Air” has a more electro vibe and gives the impression of a mixture of EDM with 80s music, so with this mixture of genres, “Pushing The Air” has a different empowerment of merging two decades and transforms them into the modernized reality of today’s music landscape.

“All Or Nothing” is all about the feeling of joy and rhythm, and by having elements of Reggae and World Music, it is uplifting the spirits and setting you free from unwanted thoughts that sometimes the mind brings on. The track also takes you along with it, on a journey where stressful times are not going to burden you anymore while listening.

On “All I Wanted”, you can anticipate listening to a more fragile side of Solaya Love’s musicalit. The track is still flowing to EDM and electronic vibes, but it incorporates a wish in her lyrics about the anticipation and lust for having somebody in her life and questioning if there is somebody out there for her.

“Zen Up” is about the dance experience, exploring magnetizing bass and drum syncopation, playful beats and seductive vocals, and celebrates those elements in a dance party atmosphere, while “Space In Between” is an ambient song with dance elements, but its essence is about tranquility and harmony, however on “Sexy Silk”, there is no such thing as tranquility, instead you hear a sensual track which has power and dynamism, like no other song on the record, making it outstanding and vibrant.

Solaya Love rounds up her Illustrious album with live dance mix of “Never Waken”, and by making this track the last song on the album, it seems like Solaya wants to embrace the listeners and make them feel happy and joyful all the way through the record, after all isn’t this what the whole EDM Pop music culture is all about?

If you want to listen to a music compilation that will elevate you and make you feel pleasant and careless at the same time, just take a listen to Solaya Love’s Illustrious album, the result will levitate your mood, from the first few minutes of listening. Purchase it on iTunes here, and stream it on Spotify below.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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