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WPGM Recommends: Tyler The Creator – Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale (Album Review)

Hawthorne’s elite Tyler The Creator dispatched his best work yet last month with the CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale album. On this deluxe version of his 2021 album release, Tyler admits the core message in “And when I say Call Me If You Get Lost,” is “I don’t mean when you don’t know what to do.”

The DJ Drama-assisted intro track, “SIR BAUDELAIRE” exerts a steady theme for the project. Fusing throwback gimmicks of the typical DJ ranting throughout a track, making it an impactful cosign.

Tyler chips in his numerous alter-egos in this snazzy intro, “It’s T, baby / I don’t think you’re ready / Wolf Haley, Bunnyhop, yo.” Though, Tyler could be accrediting his director ‘Wolf Haley’ whose name was cited in the many videos and skits he has released in the past.

The verse reanimates Tyler’s 2021 trip he told his fans on Twitter. “Cookie crumbs in the Rolls (Rolls), jet-fuel-scented vest,” bite off the tweet whereby the rapper mentions his private jet reeked of gas.

Maintaining the theme of reliving his extravagant trips, he highlights the France 2019 trip. Tyler attended the French Open, specifically the final of the Men’s Single tournament where he “rub it in these nxggas’ faces likе thick lotion.”

Tyler is simply echoing his influence and importance in pop culture. “That’s a mansion on that USB, it’s T,” brags about his unreleased music holding the same weight as a mansion’s price tag.

“CORSO” chases up the album with a faster beat selection. Tyler continues to pursue his evident influence on his peers and those around him. In this “CORSO” he kicks off the narrative of the album, by introducing plans of attaining billions in the near future.

I’m plottin’ on a billi’, chilly in my garden, yuh,” expands on the various ways he plans on achieving this feat through his fashion, music, and film collaborations.

Tyler emphasizes his use of materialistic luxuries to fill the voids in his daily life, by interpolating his 2017 track “911/Mr Lonely” with these upraised lyrics, “Remembered I was rich, so I bought me some new emotions.”

Settling 41 million streams since its surprise drop in March 2023, “DOGTOOTH” was one of the few leftovers from the previous project. Tyler The Creator released this track with impeccable visuals directed by himself.

The track lies more on the mellow atmosphere paired with soothing pulses produced by Tyler. That is until he starts off with his fixation on oral sex through the hook, “She could ride my face, I don’t want nothin’ in return.”

Tyler swiftly shifts to quoting the comedy series Loiter Squad he played a role in when he says, “that’s a lot of motherfxckin’ necklace.” He racks up the “homewrecking” theme mirroring his 2019 album IGOR, “I don’t care if y’all together, I will tear down a home, shxt.”

Also noting the consequential homage to the late creative genius Virgil Abhlor who had a tremendous bearing on the rapper’s creative career. By granting him countless creative opportunities such as administering and arranging music for the Men’s Fall-Winter 2022 Fashion Show in an album christened The Sunseeker. Sadly, Virgil died shortly before the show came to life.

“SORRY NOT SORRY” concludes The Estate Sale album in a satirical demeanor that doesn’t surprise the listener because he sticks to the same theme throughout. The song samples 70s funk/soul group Brighter Side of Darkness’s track “He Made You Mine.”

He mocks his haters with fake remorse and sways unsteadily to offering genuine apologies to those he has wronged in the past. In the verse, he apologizes to his mother for not spending enough time with her, and for the guilt of being unable to balance the success of his career and personal relationships.

Sorry to my old friends / The stories we coulda wrote if our egos didn’t take the pen,” alludes to his music group, Odd Future’s denouement.

Tyler also expresses regret for his past sexual relationships with people who wanted more and he didn’t give it to them. He continues to eat humble pie by noting his misgendering to the LGTBQI+ spectrum, he says “Sorry I don’t know your pronouns / I don’t mean no disrespect.”

Tyler The Creator’s mile-long musical run is nothing seen before. The ‘Estate Sale’ addition was done with purpose, which is why most wouldn’t get it. Creatively, the cover art ties the effort with ease. He is shown getting lost in his own though, holding a suitcase, and getting ready for new journeys.

His queue of apologies signifies the death of bad habits, and bad choices, which gives access to a new slate for Tyler in his career, business, and relationships. The “Estate Sale” album is the archetypal send-off to his fans.

Listen to Tyler The Creator Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale album below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Ruby Adele

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