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WPGM Reviews: STONE Live At Manchester Academy (In Pictures)

Manchester Academy was ignited into a frenzy as STONE took to the stage, launching their set with an explosive trio of tracks, “I let Go” , “Keep Running” and “I got A Feeling”. The energy in the venue was exciting from the second the band walked on stage, setting the tone for what was an unforgettable set from a band to keep an eye out on in the scene.

“I let Go” served as the perfect opener to get everyone up on their feet, with an infectious chorus and melody, immediately captivating the audience. Lead singer Fin Power put all his passion into screaming every lyric, and the crowd did the same for this track and everyone that was to follow. The band’s tight instrumentation and electrifying stage presence allowed the crowd to become fully engaged in everything that was happening on stage from the very start.

Their setlist throughout the night showcased the band’s versatility. Their seamless chemistry on stage didn’t go unnoticed, with each member feeding off the energy of each other to deliver a performance that was nothing short of electrifying. The crowd took in every moment, as they danced and sang to every song. Their set wasn’t just about the performance, but the interactions they had with their fans.

With adrenaline coursing through every corner of the room, Fin leaped onto the barricade, reaching out to the fans with outstretched hands. This sparked an eruption of screams and cheers from the fans filled with excitement. In this moment, this connected the band with their fans, creating a shared moment for everyone fortunate enough to be there.

From tracks including “If You Wanna”, and “Moto”, the setlist was crafted to showcase what the band had to offer, as well as a discography to be proud of. Every song was delivered with precision and passion which left the audience wanting more. One of the most impressive aspects of STONE’s set was their stage presence.

Every member brought confidence and passion to the forefront, as well as their well crafted music command the attention of everyone in the room. It was evident that STONE had put in the effort to ensure that every aspect of their performance was one to remember.

As the initial set drew to a close, the room was still filled with excitement. There were two last songs for the encore as the band returned with a renewed sense of energy. Launching into “Waste”, STONE captivated the crowd once again, with everyone in the room singing back every lyric and taking it all in. The band’s musicianship shone brightly.

As the track ended, the anticipation in the room was high as there was one last song to perform. “Leave It Out”, another one of the band’s high energy anthems brought the crowd to their feet for one last time. As the song reached its end, the room erupted with cheers and applause. STONE left an undeniable mark on Manchester Academy, reminding people as to why they’re a band to keep an eye out for in the scene.

Word + Photography by Sarah Akomanyi

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