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Best New Music: Lucy Blackwell – Lady In Waiting EP

Lucy Blackwell Lady In Waiting EP

British newcomer Lucy Blackwell, often described as an acoustic English Rose, is an 18 year old singer and songwriter who has established a unique sound that can be appreciated by all music lovers. Song writing since the age of 10 and classically trained in singing and playing the flute and piano, this gifted acoustic artist has a voice beyond her years. Her debut EP titled Lady In Waiting, inspired by John Mayer, has been described by her record label as an exploration of “modern day teenage life”.

On the EP’s title track, her vocals, the guitar melody and piano coupled together, create a sound that any music listener would love. Sung in a melancholic tone, “Lady In Waiting” tells the story of a woman waiting for her “Mr Right” to discover her. With a delicate almost fragile voice, Lucy sings over the deft piano keys played in an easy rhythm – her singing cleverly showing the range of low emotions the lady must be feeling while the strumming of the guitar lets the listener immerse themselves further in the song. I enjoyed this song so much because her voice is beautifully pure and provokes emotions in the listener that will make you want to sympathise with the lady in waiting. This song is a great introduction to fans as it gives them an insight into Lucy Blackwell’s musical stylings.

“Lady In Waiting”:

With the instrumental at a slightly quicker pace, Lucy Blackwell sings about choosing to leave behind negative influences who do not want to see you succeed in your endeavours on the song titled “Smile”. For those who have been at the receiving end of such people, this track will undoubtedly mirror your feelings with lyrics such as, “today I move the line of where my morals stand, who even know where they were to start with? Today I stare into the light of no man’s land, who even cares who I choose to depart with?”. It’s lighthearted in delivery with the bridge of the song playing out like an ultimatum being given to whoever Lucy is addressing and I love how she introduces the track with metaphors of loneliness and then has the rest of the song laden with imagery as the lush acoustic guitar as the musical backdrop to her tale.


There is even more melancholy on the Lady In Waiting EP courtesy of “Numb” which puts the listener in a reflective and contemplative mood as Lucy speaks of struggling to be vulnerable in love which I bet many can relate to. Lyrics like, “my mind just can’t extend itself to being so dependent upon somebody else” articulate the fear many have of losing their identity and strength when being in a relationship. The grand piano arrangements make this track stand out from the rest as it grows in its intensity to perfectly mirror her emotional delivery on the track.

Brilliantly conveying the heart-rending sadness of the track, there is no need for any other instruments to accompany it. With just her voice and the piano, Lucy manages to delivers a beautiful song of struggling to accept vulnerability in a relationship. I believe one of the signs of a great artist is their ability to hold your attention for slower tracks without boring you, which Lucy achieves on “Numb”. I hold much admiration for any artist that only has a single instrument to accompany them on their track, which is why this track is a definite favourite for me and why I’ll be keeping up with her latest releases.


At only 18 and creating songs that are of such high calibre, Lucy Blackwell has definitely got a promising career ahead of her and commercial success is a guarantee with her captivating voice and talents. Not being familiar with many acoustic artists, I believe Lucy Blackwell is a great introduction for myself and many others looking to listen to more alternative music than what is currently available on the charts and radio. If you can, do catch her this Bank Holiday weekend at the Thorpe Park SunSCREAM Festival where she will be performing some songs from the Lady In Waiting EP.

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