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Best New Music Of The Week // April 23 – April 29, 2018

Anik Khan + Burna Boy – “Oh My”

Bangladesh-born but Queens-raised, Anik Khan impressed many with debut album Kites last year and it’s eclectic soundscape that quickly became his mark, ultimately establishing himself among New York’s loaded music scene. Marking the anniversary of his release, he gives us some fresh new music to stick our teeth into as he teams up with Nigerian superstar Burna Boy for his fusion fire track, “Oh My“.

This new track is literally right up both artists’ streets. Produced by Sango, it is personified by the South Asian influence, from the percussion and melody to the adlibs and smooth vocals courtesy of Khan – but it still has the right undertones of Hip-Hop. Burna Boy is one for experimenting and he exemplifies his versatility by riding the track with finesse as is his standard.

An ode to love, the artists croon throughout the track, hoping for endless relationships and undying bonds with their loved ones. It’s an unlikely pairing, but we hope that this is not the last time we see such a collaboration.

Luna + Yang Da Il – “Night Reminiscin'”

Luna has released her newest single “Night Reminiscin’” along with the music video.

Luna is also a member of K-Pop girl group f(x), formed in 2009 by S.M. Entertainment, the same company that formed many K-Pop bands like EXO or Girl Generations.

The girl group debuted with their first extended play Nu ABO. After this, they released four albums, another extended play and one repackaged album. The music style of f(x) has been described as ‘experimental’ and ‘electro-pop’.

“Night Reminiscin’” is co-written by Luna and features with new artist Yang Da Il. The track is an acoustic song that expresses the emotions of two people who have fallen in love.

Watch the music video below:

Ravyn Lenae – “4 Leaf Clover”

Looking like she just came out of the movie Grease, new school R&B sensation Ravyn Lenae shares with us her brand new video for “4 Leaf Clover” the duet with Steve Lacy from her latest tantalising project, Crush EP.

Directed by Andre Muir, the stylistic video has Lenae embracing some ’50s retro glam, while longing after ‘the boy next door’ and vice versa but she’s keeping it cool. It seems like they are both trying to make the other jealous with new love interests but secretly they just really want each other. The whole narrative plays out like a mini movie that you’ll never want to end because it’s thoroughly entertaining.

With this track, Steve Lacy does an excellent job which matches the retro harmonies behind Lenae’s vocals. While Lacy, who also served as executive producer for the EP, doesn’t appear in the clip, it doesn’t diminish its cinematic mood.

Corella – “Tiyanah”

After bursting into the scene and impressing with her debut single “Trappin’” which came with a masterful visual accompaniment, Croydon starlet Corella follows up her bold efforts with her latest joint “Tiyanah

The track displays Corella’s unmistakable flow on a drill beat, further proving Corella’s ability to defy genres and create instantly appealing and memorable tracks. Trap, Drill, Rap, Corella can do it all. Her tone in particular definitely works hand in hand with the beat and will be her stamp going forward.

In an innovative move, Corella has shared a phone number on her socials that she will be using to preview new music and videos to her fans via Whatsapp. You can get involved by texting her on +447423702479.

Growing up listening to the likes of Bjork, Pink, Beastie Boys and Nelly Furtado to name a few, Corella’s contrasting musical influences have shaped the way she creates her own sound. Not limited to one genre, there are hints of all her influences threaded together with blistering vocals and that will keep you wanting more while never knowing what to expect.

Artifact Collective – “Light Blue”

A DIY crew of 6 twenty-somethings hailing from Copenhagen, Artifact Collective have honed in on their style of languid, nostalgia-washed R&B. Authentically them from the writing, producing, designing and everything in between, they have picked up a number of exciting co-signs abroad already. Cementing their burgeoning reputations, the crew release their latest, slow-burning, pensive heater, “Light Blue“. 

Their songwriting inspiration is influenced by being young in a capital city – complex, pensive lyrics drawing inspiration from troubled relationships, daydreaming, the television series Twin Peaks and various YouTube memes. The track is quirky yet heartfelt and ultimately beautifully crafted.

“’Light Blue‘ is about the cynicism between two people who ignore their relationship problems and don’t talk about things – building up inner frustration rather than resolving the issues in the first place. It’s the feeling of being a supporting actor in a film that was meant to be about your own life.”

With so much talent coming from the northern side of Europe at the moment, Artifact Collective look set to add their names to an ever-expanding roster of exciting talent.

Solar – “Nada Sou Sou”

Solar, the leader of MAMAMOO has released her second music video titled “Nada Sou Sou”, a track from her upcoming solo project, Solar’s Emotion.

Kim Yong-sun, also known as Solar, is the leader and main vocalist of famous K-POP girl band, MAMAMOO. She signed under Rainbow Bridge World, a Korean record label that was founded by Kim Do-hoon, the same label responsible for groups like Vromance, OBROJECT and others.

They debuted in 2014 with the song “Mr. Ambiguous” and their music is described as retro jazz with R&B concepts. Other hits include “You’re the Best”, “Yes I Am”, “Décalcomanie”, their beautiful and passionate ballad “Paint Me” and her last single “Starry Night”.

The new song is a Korean adaptation of the famous Japanese song “Nada Sōsō” by the Japanese band Begin and singer by Ryoko Moriyama. ‘Nada Sōsō’ is literally translated as “tears are falling”. The music video follows the story of Solar when she was a child walking alone in the city.

Watch the music video below:

Words by Jay Tijani and Raúl Ramírez

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