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We Plug To You… Elektric

Elektric II
“Make your craft your obsession”, the words of singer and spoken word artist and one of Birmingham’s finest, 23-year old Elisha Howe aka Elektric. Fully charged with energy and creativity straight out the Midlands comes a young woman of monumental worth! An enigmatic musical virtuoso who not only lives and breathes music, but is the full embodiment of it! Wise beyond her years and a most genuine, level-headed individual, I present to you Elektric, through her drive and determination, this lovable character is making waves in the music sphere, This Is Elektric – an elasticity of voltaic magnetism. If you haven’t come across this talent, then make it a must! She is a home-grown, dedicated, dynamic, and dexterous artist.

A graduate of London South Bank University, this is where Elektric really developed her ‘craft’ and a place where her musical stirrings really took precedence, and brought into the spotlight, a star was born! Citing artists such as Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu as her inspiration, helping to develop her songwriting, but more humbly, the strong matriarchs in her life, her mum and Nan – two women which gave her the drive and motivation to progress, rise above and conquer her dreams and desires – are huge influences on her music.

In June 2014, Elektric released a 6-track EP, Not Another Love Song, following on from 2013’s Breaking The Spell, the EP was a thought-provoking, message of sincerity and an awakening of refreshing ideals from Elektric. Already achieving a huge following and credentials from BBC Radio 1Xtra’s DJ Target’s Home Grown Show last month, with BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens recently playing an exclusive track “Where Would We Be Now”, only heightening to the world that Elektric was someone to watch out for, as one of the most riveting and honest ladies that you’ll ever come across!

Her Not Another Love Song EP features a reoccurring motif, the premise is love and no track better illuminates this than “Mood For Love”. Like she states on the track, “everytime I got that look on my face I’m in the mood for love”, “Mood For Love” is a song seasoned with Reggae sensibilities and honest jovial lyrics from Elektric, spiced rich in smooth, sensual, slick vocals. This is a woman who knows herself, knows her craft and is on the path to success!

“Mood For Love”:

Its hard to believe that Elektic has only been playing guitar for five months, she oozes pure sublimity on stage, an avid performer around Birmingham, Elektic brought her musings to the North in Liverpool on the 4th of December 2014, a whirlwind of mesmerizing songs delivered so sweetly and sincerely. Liverpool bore witness to the savvy gift of Electric’s music where those soft vocals ruminated, gently caressing our ears with words that truly resonate not only into your mind but your soul. Elektric is a social butterfly and gracious individual, who is always working on her creativity. Inspired by new people and new places, these are some of the ingredients that fuel Elektric’s mind manifestations. She is an artist who lives for what she does, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever be fortunate to meet.

Also from her Not Another Love Song EP, “Its Such A Shame” is a delicate beauty, the video for which, was released in October, showing a softer side to the funny, playful Elektric and what a deep, heartfelt number it is! Honesty prevails throughout, offering a spontaneity into Elektric’s music, which is an amalgamation of genres fused together to make the sweetest of melodies. You thought you had this lady sussed then think again, Elektric is not a one-dimensional individual, and is always on the lookout for ‘the new’, with new sounds, new inspirations, and new places helping to flourish her music and let it blossom.

“Its Such A Shame”:

Elektric, remember that name, with a burgeoning fan base and media support from the likes of BBC 1Xtra, it won’t be long until this lady will be selling out arenas, still maintaining her modest composure! Elektric is my new obsession, let her music open, insight and rapture around you, let her music tantalize, enthrall and electrify! Her latest EP Not Another Love Song is available on iTunes to purchase here.

Keep Tabs on Elektric: Facebook // Soundcloud // Website

Words by Melanie John // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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