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We Plug To You… Lucy Rose

22-year old singer, song writer and musician Lucy Rose grew up in the country side and spent her early teenage years learning how to play the saxophone, piano, guitar and drums in the basement of the family house. By the age of 19, she made a run for London and started off singing in little rooms above pubs to a highly inebriated audience night after night. It wasn’t long before her unique voice and songwriting abilities captured the ears of true fans which subsequently increased her gigging and put her on the radar. She’s been on the scene properly since the start of last year, is under the management of Black Book Management – who also manage Razorlight and Ghost Cat – and is currently supporting Ben Howard on his UK-wide tour. Lucy’s voice alone is capturing but coupled with her heart felt lyrics and beautiful melodies, her songs are just magical. She sings Acoustic/Folk/Pop in a way that keeps you captivated no matter what genre of music you are into. Here are a few tracks that made me an instant fan of Lucy Rose!

The first track I will draw your attention to is “Scar” – Lucy Rose’s latest and newest single. For me, this track is a “just getting into a car and taking the most random road trip along the country side just because you can” kinda track! It is just so smooth and the way Lucy’s voice gently goes over the musical milieu – excellently produced by Charlie Hugall – is so soothing and calming. She has a voice that you truly just enjoy listening to no matter what she’s singing – it enthralls you from start to finish. “Scar” is the sort of track that makes it difficult to pick your favourite bits, there are just so many! The arrangement of the melody alone is so interesting and different but not too much that it takes away from the overall ethos and flow of the song. And for this reason, “Scar” is my favourite track from Lucy. To be honest, I could listen to this track even if it were just the instrumentals – the melody is just so easy breezy – but what Lucy does on this song is beyond amazing + listen out for the guest vocals from Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman if you can! It’s like you can’t help but have a good day after you listen to this song…



Middle of the Bed” is Lucy’s first official single – released in August this year – and I think it’s a great choice for her first single as this track is upbeat, catchy and a good mix between Folk and Pop music. Apart from the gentle effective lyrics, this track has so many little quirky things happening in it that keep it fun and fresh every time you hear it. The lyrics are so simple but so beautifully written; it’s like a break up song when you’re still in a relationship- “I sleep in the middle of the bed, you don’t know if it’s ok to hold my hand…” At some point in the song, you do feel slightly sorry for the chap who hasn’t got a clue what to do or how to approach this closed off individual. I think this song captures the “are we together or not?” stage that every relationship goes through really well. There are bits of this song that sound more Electro or Synth-Pop than Folk but then the acoustic guitar arrangements come in and then you really just don’t know anymore but you still love it! If you heard the start and end of the song separately, you would be convinced they were two different songs, but you hear it all together and it just flows in really well and keeps your attention for the whole time. The instrumentals on every of these track really just do it for me – “Middle of the Bed” is yet another masterpiece from Charlie Hugall – and this is another one, I’ll quite happily listen to with just the instrumentals alone but why would I do that when I can have Lucy’s unique vocals to guide me and add to the experience!



Don’t You Worry” is another track from Lucy that really struck me. The beginning of this track doesn’t really grab your attention, to be honest it sounds like any other Folk/Pop song that eventually becomes catchy after repeated plays but the minute the hook on this comes in and the way her voice carries it is just… Let’s just say that if bliss had a sound, it would probably sound like this hook! And the fact that her lyrics reassure you that she isn’t leaving just makes you fall more in love with this track! I think everyone would love to have someone close to their hearts sing or dedicate this song to them. Just when you think the hook is what really makes the song, the bridge then comes in with amazing drums in the background that really just gives the song that added momentum! Her voice is so soft on the ears that even when she goes up a few notes, she takes you with her effortlessly. It’s like her voice pads the inside of your ears with cotton wool… forgive all my random descriptions but I’m literally telling you what it feels like. Have a listen and tell me if I’m crazy!



There’s something about Lucy Rose that reminds me of Ellie Goulding but with less drums. They have similar vocal ranges but Lucy’s voice is slightly softer than Ellie’s and there’s the live and organic feeling you get from listening to Lucy’s songs (bearing in mind that most of her songs are indeed recorded live). Her voice and style of music is also quite similar to Yuna’s – their lyrics are heart felt but simple and their voices compliment every melody they sing on. The one thing I love about Lucy is that none of her tracks sound the same, she does something mildly different on each track that just works! Other tracks that I would recommend you listen to are “Place”, “Gamble Like I Used to” and her duet with Bombay Bicycle Clubcalled “Flaws” which is rather flawless – no pun intended – this particular track actually massages your brain! The melodies of both her and Steadman’s voices – as evident on “Scar” – are so compatible, you can’t help but sit back and enjoy the track. Lucy Rose is definitely a relevant addition to this new generation and growing resurgence of Acoustic/Folk music which has been getting loads of attention this year and we predict many great things for Ms. Lucy Rose in the coming year!You can download two amazing and amazingly FREE Lucy Rose tracks – “Night Bus” and “First” – if you click HERE NOW!

Purchase: Lucy Rose – “Scar” (iTunes) // “Middle of the Bed” (iTunes)

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