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We Plug To You… Show Dem Camp – The Dreamer Project


Hello everyone, it’s the start of the best month ever. What, you didn’t know October was special? Well it is, because it’s my birth month and I’m awesome even if I do say so myself. But this is not why you are here and that’s fair. The good news is that you are about to be introduced to another dope act from Nigeria. We seem to be churning great acts en mass out of the motherland and I must say I am really impressed as is obvious by the fact that my last couple reviews have been Nigerian Acts and the international recognition that a few of our artists have gotten in recent months only goes to show. Its definitely a good look and that is why I am proud and dare I say honored to introduce to you the duo Olumide ‘Ghost’ Ayeni and Wale ‘Tec’ Davis that make up the group Show Dem Camp (SDC) with the release of their debut album The Dreamer Project.

Show Dem Camp burst into the scene in 2009 with a few hot singles, commanding immediate attention and were appropriately coined “The Best Hip-Hop Duo in Africa” shortly after. They had brought a fresh look to the rap scene that Nigerians and Africans at large had been waiting for since M.I came out years prior. A year later, they released the 13-track deep mixtape The Clone Wars which garnered them even more respect. Together with the release of some poignant music videos for songs such as “So Appalled” and “Mind Control” that dealt with issues that affected the country, they made clear why they chose the name “Show Dem” – showing how to use one’s art to bring about conscious awareness, change and still have some fun and make people happy.

A year later and now we have a full album from SDC and it is definitely worth the $6.99 its being sold for. I had it on repeat for the first couple days I had it, and by the time I share some of the songs from The Dreamer Project with you on here, I expect that you will be bringing out your cards to cop your own copy. Ghost andTec really deliver on this one and the features of renowned names like Nneka,TuFace and MI alongside relatively new acts like May DEva and Lucci do not disappoint as well. You see what I did there? I just wrote an epistle without having you listen to the music for yourself. My bad guys, lets get right into the music then.


I had to start with my favorite song on the album and what you just heard is titled “Getting You” which features Benny P with production from Jusa Dementor. This one is a Straight Club Banger – I so love that term I’m about to have it trademarked (you saw it here first though). This Jusa Dementor production – backed largely by lush drum patterns – is so on point, the drummer kills it entirely and you can never go wrong with a reggae flow on a track. That’s what I love about this album, they incorporate many different genres of music, yet remaining true to their craft. I also love the fun side of SDC that you can hear on this here song.

I already mentioned how socially conscious the duo are and this song here is one in which they channel their socially conscious side yet again to speak the truth to their listeners. The Show N Prove-produced “Talk about It” which features legendary singer/songwriter Tuface is a song that talks about Africans needing to stand up, speak up for themselves and speak the truth as well as the need to do more than just that but also to take action. I love how real this song is and how powerful and influential it can be. I dare you to put Tuface – who has to be the most prominent act of our generation – on a record and have it turn out to be trash, its damn near impossible and his flow on here gives this track the legitimacy it needed.

You already know I had to plug in the love song right? We don’t want you leaving here thinking SDC had nothing for the females on here. What you just heard is called “Wetin I Go Do” and ladies, they simply ask what they have to do for your love. If they promised to sing to me every day, I would be so down for them, wouldn’t you? Its a very chilled and laid-back song musically with catchy keyboard patterns and drum arrangements and I love it – the overall production on this record courtesy of IKON is actually quite dope. Ghost totally kills it on his verse by the way, I like his cool and calm approach to talking to a girl.


I could not figure out what the last song to share with you should be. The album is 18 tracks deep and it really is an awesome debut record which is receiving it’s all well deserved hype. I thought I had to plug this one right here called “Na So We See Am” just so you can hear the duo’s craft 100% unadulterated. Tec delivered something beautiful on the first verse that it deserved a special mention. Together though, this song is straight fire on all levels – they both laid their verses heavy and the production on here from Kurt is complementary heavy as well – and the outcome is simply a great hip-hop track. 100% Hip-Hop!
“Of course, you claim to be a boss too, but we never see you, the streets do not endorse you”

Bonus track I hear you screaming? Ok, alright why not. Here’s “Keep Your Eyes On Me” which features Soul singer/songwriter Nneka and one of my favorite upcoming artists May D who also features on “Farabale” (another hot joint off this album). The Farhot-produced “Keep Your Eyes On Me” is a beautiful Soulful Hip-Hop laced with poignant verses from Ghost and Tec, compelling vocal and lyrical showings from Nneka and May D as well as lush synths and drum patterns fromFarhot, listen below…



Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. You really ought to have bought this album by the time you reached the end of this post as you certainly will NOT be disappointed with it. Show Dem Camp are the truth and their debut album The Dreamer Project is all kinds of GOOD Music – we shared with you (not even three songs as we usually do) five really dope songs just so you know. I bet the recognition that will follow from the success of this album will be my “I told you so”. We at WPGM certify them GOOD MUSIC and wish them all the best…


Till Next Time,
Peace, Love and Good Music


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