WPGM Commentary: Celine Love Is Ready To Let Go Of Heartbreak On ‘Gold Plated Tears’

Hi, my name is Celine Love and I was lucky enough to have my heart broken. Lucky because I didn’t end up with the wrong guy and extra lucky because I got to create one of my favourite songs to date.

I grew up in Hamburg, Germany and have lived in the UK for the past seven years. Being far away from hometown friends and family didn’t help when I clung on to the wrong relationships. In this case a situationship that put me through the ringer. Part of me didn’t realise how angry I was until I wrote “Gold Plated Tears”.

I brought a voicenote of the track to my friend Adriano Desire and when I finished the track with him in the studio I had one of the most cathartic moments. I was screaming the bridge into the microphone over and over again. I sunk so much emotion into this section starting with, “opened my heart up, it’s like a flower ripped straight from the earth“. After I left the session I felt this weight off my shoulders and knew we had created something special.

I am also lucky enough to now be in a new relationship with someone I am grateful to call a creative partner. George and I were eager to collaborate on a music video and with this song, I knew I wanted to go BIG and dramatic and tell a story.

I was scouting venues to film and found the beautiful, gothic Chapel Townhouse in Brighton. Securing the venue solidified the storyline for me: I needed to run around in a wedding dress, cry golden glitter tears and drench myself in a bathtub.

We were right across from the Brighton Dome, which we didn’t realise until we arrived. I felt very cheeky accepting peoples ‘congratulations’ or meeting peoples concerned looks when they saw me run across the street, crying in a wedding dress.

The video begins on the cliffs of Seven Sisters. We shot these scenes in January, which meant it was freezing. It was a taxing day but the coldness of the environment mirrors the feeling in the beginning of the track.

The first line “I’ve always wondered what it means to be stuck in between a rock and a had place, but when you looked away it all made sense” is sung straight into the camera with the wind blowing and my eyes slightly watering. It sets the tone and invites the listener to pay attention to the story.

In the end all the hard work that went into the video was worth it and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. I always get anxious releasing songs about real people and real pain, and get worried things will end up looking too dramatic. This time I fully embraced the drama and portrayed my feelings without holding back (for the record I didn’t ACTUALLY get stood up at the altar).

“Gold Plated Tears” is part of my sophomore EP Colouring In, that I am incredibly excited to get to share at the end of October. All songs have a colour in the title and more colours to come are BLUE & BLACK, with GOLD & ORANGE, having already been released.

I love concept albums/EP’s and although this one doesn’t follow one single genre or storyline, what ties them all together is that they describe who I am and my different facettes very well. They ‘colour in’ the parts of me I keep hidden and are a great introduction to what makes me and my art.

Watch the video for “Gold Plated Tears” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Word by Celine Love // Follow her on Instagram + Facebook

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