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WPGM Commentary: Chloe Roze Doesn’t Want To Live A Lie On ‘Hypocrite’

Hello, I am Chloe Roze, and I am a 21-year-old pop artist from Scotland. My latest self-written single “Hypocrite” is an honest letter to my listeners, uncovering truths and insecurities that I’ve never shared before. The alternative pop ballad is a self-reflective 3:41 minute track where I explore themes of pain, sadness and isolation.

I’ve always valued myself as a strong woman, despite challenges and heartache, I’ve always kept my head high and put on a brave face. For a long time, I hid behind a mask of pretence, always calculating how I would present myself to the world and hoping that I would be received in the best possible way.

Once Covid hit, my life began to crumble, I was living in a constant state of sadness, my only vice was music. I had always loved music, but it was in this moment that I knew I needed to create to escape. When I felt down, I would write how I was feeling and romanticise the thoughts into lyrics, most of which became present in my debut EP Free Falling.

In contrast to my previous work, “Hypocrite” is invasive of my personal story, I knew I had to let go as I did not want to “live a lie”.

The track was written in February 2022, in the early hours of the morning. I was alone in my flat, I had been self-isolating, I was ill with Covid, and my mental health was swiftly deteriorating.

I remember picking up my guitar and pressing record on my phone, improvising a melody and directly singing about how I was feeling, most of these lyrics remain in “Hypocrite” today. The first thing I wrote into my notebook was “I’m a hypocrite I can’t take my own advice”.

This hook for the chorus was provoked after thinking “I wish I could take the same advice that I give out to my loved ones”. I felt that I preached happiness and strength when in that moment, I truly had none. I felt like a hypocrite.

The verses are a representation of self-deprecation, a coping mechanism I often turn to when I’m feeling low. I explore further themes surrounding body image, anxiety and hyperactivity.

The song remained as a video in my phone, I never intended to release it to the public. I guess mostly due to fear, however I felt that the track was “basic”. I didn’t use a complex chord sequence or even formed a vision for production.

Months later, I shared the song to my best friend and flatmate AKELA. He instantly fell in love and urged me to continue building on the initial idea. I was apprehensive at first as I didn’t believe in “Hypocrite”, which is very fitting for the theme of the song.

AKELA produced “Hypocrite” from my initial clip of me with my guitar, swapping the instrumental to an electric piano sound and adding elements to enhance the overall feel of the song. He understood my message so clearly; I think being best friends contributed to this, however his natural talent for music and grip of emotion brought “Hypocrite” to life.

The co-producer Marc Barnes produced the final master, adding his own professional flare and self-made synth sounds and reworking the vocal element he enhanced the beauty of the work by myself and AKELA.

Overall, “Hypocrite” is my most vulnerable work yet. I describe feelings I’ve never even shared with my friends and family through this song which is an overall daunting experience.

The process has been educational, I have learned so much about myself and who I am through lyricism. I now gift this song to the world to show my own strength and personal growth and to invite others to be honest about how they truly feel. I hope my message translates to you all.

Listen to “Hypocrite” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Chloe Roze // Follow her on Instagram + TikTok

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