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WPGM Commentary: Diya Maeve Is Happy And Hopeful In Love On ‘Me, You & The Stars’

Hi! I’m Diya Maeve, a singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India. I started my journey as an artist when I released my debut single “Real” in August 2021. Before that, I posted covers on YouTube and Instagram, which I still do to this date. I also started livestreaming during lockdown, as a way to connect to the audience and share my music.

My songwriting journey started after I discovered artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay. Their music inspired me to write songs, after I realised how beautiful it is to tell stories through music. When I started writing songs, it became my medium of expression and communicating. I was mesmerized by how melodies and words could forever stick with the listeners, and make them feel understood.

I think one of my favourite parts of the entire music making process is when someone hears my song and goes – “That is exactly how I was feeling, this is so relatable!”. That’s the best compliment to me – when someone says my music made them feel understood. And to this date, nothing can beat the joy of suddenly getting a lyric or melody idea and turning it into a song!

My latest single “Me, You, & The Stars” was released on 30th December, 2022.

Most of the time, my songs start out on my guitar or piano, and it was the same for this too. I was sitting in my bedroom and took out my guitar, played a simple chord progression of I-V and IV-VI-V, opened the notes app on my phone, and started writing down some lyrics.

It’s a song about falling in love; a love that is still unrequited, but kind of happy at the same time. I wanted that to be translated into a song. I wanted it to have a daydream like vibe, both lyrics and soundscape wise – which is kind of how one feels when they’re in love.

The lyrics have a certain straightforwardness to them, like writing a letter or having a conversation with someone. At the same time, they have a hint of innocence and haziness to them. And even though it’s a song about an intense feeling like falling in love, the lyrics are more lighthearted and playful. I think this is best portrayed in the bridge, which goes like this –

Indie songs and happy endings / That could be our story / Coz though my heart loves these sappy movies / Just not for me, you, and these stars

This is what it’s saying – though the narrator loves sad, or overly-emotional movies, they don’t want their story to be like that, and the word sappy gives it that playful vibe. The title of the song “Me, You, & the Stars” is inspired by the idea of two people sitting under a sky full of stars, having the most meaningful, funny, or even silliest conversations.

I wrote the chorus with the idea that how the smallest and simplest moments of life can feel profound if you’re with a special person –

Give us a chance we’ll slow dance / To your favourite songs / You talk movies I’ll talk music / Isn’t it perfect? / Or maybe don’t talk at all / And it’ll still make sense / I can hold your hands / Just me, you, and the stars

The production, which still has acoustic guitar as a pivotal instrument, also has a little bit of country music influence, along with vocal layers and harmonies (which were so fun and interesting to come up with!). The production was done by Ashay Raut at SoundHill Studios, was completed wihtin in a few weeks, and vocal tracking was done in a single session.

I wanted this song to tell the story of the very early stages of being in love – happy, hopeful, and dreamlike. I wrote the song about 2 years back, and finally released it after finding it’s perfect place as a part of a storyline that my soon to be released EP tells. “Me, You, & The Stars” acts as the first chapter to it, and chronologically stands at the beginning of the EP.

Telling stories through songs, by writing about intricacies of emotions, and experiences from a certain POV, and being honest through my music – it’s what I love to do. Hence, I hope that for the audience, my music is what other artists’ music has been to me – a warm hug of love and understanding.

Listen to “Me, You, & The Stars” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Diya Maeve // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter


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