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WPGM Commentary: Ellie Parris Is Going Through Turbulence On Her Debut EP ‘Out Of Sight’

Hi, I’m Ellie Parris. I’m a singer-songwriter from the UK. My new 5-track EP is out everywhere, check it out – Out of Sight.

I have been bathing in music ever since I can remember. My mother would have Whitney & The Drifters CDs on rotation whilst my dad would be making his own calypso & lovers rock tapes for the mondeo.

Over the last few years, I’d been making the music I love but was stuck in a deep well of self-doubt. Music stopped being an expression outlet & more of a to do list – I’d always feared this happening. It all comes down to balance but also remembering the reason you do this in the first place.

When 2020 arrived with a storm of its own, I made a promise to focus on what I can control and that started with me. It was always just me at the end of the day. I came to realize that no one was coming to save me & it was up to me to trust me to do so. It was me versus me.

That takes us to “Seasons”, the first track on the EP. With that promise I made to myself, I took it with me into my first session of the year, which happened to be with Jords. We’ve known each other for a few years now as our friendship began after being on the same lineup in Hoxton back in 2017. We’ve hung out & created music ever since.

We discussed doing a project briefly but didn’t come back to this idea until this session. J, being the wizard he is, began playing on keys & the rest is history. I don’t get these moments very often so I’m remembering to cherish them. J really knows how to translate the energy in the room perfectly.

Making Out Of Sight was pivotal to a lot of shifts happening simultaneously in my life. I write a lot in general so I’m always carrying my words with me. A turbulence in love & relationships of all forms, I decided on a title that described their common denominator, Out of Sight.

I’ve always been a R&B head but with giving myself the freedom to experiment and express I’ve found myself being drawn back to neo-soul sounds. I’d say this EP has more neo-soul elements than R&B. I’m excited to experiment with these more into 2022.

90% of this projects’ creation & energy was drawn from 2020 experiences, however “Not Meant To Be” was actually written in 2017/2018. Produced by Wauve, this song projected the same feel & energy as my state of mind in 2020, listening back to this, I instantly knew it had a place here.

“Days” was written one morning in my kitchen, on my notes, whilst I waited for the kettle to boil. I remember my chest feeling tight from a restless sleep & all I wanted was a happy day – no tears.

In my head I kept saying “Good day today – no tears“. This song sits in a very stripped back & vulnerable place which is why it’s track 5 on the EP. It’s a personal bitter-sweet reminder.

Creating this EP has been filled with its ups & downs. I am very proud of the finished creation, I feel like I’ve grown & learnt a lot during the process of making it. The end of a chapter but the beginning of being my best self.

I’ve always had a small circle, so having an intimate group working on this just felt right. Everyone involved showed up & showed out, truly. This really is the beginning & I hope when you listen to Out Of Sight, that it brings you as much light as it’s brought me.

Listen to my EP Out Of Sight below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Ellie Parris // Follow her on Facebook + Instagram

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