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WPGM Commentary: Helen Murray Calls Out Your Superiority Complex On ‘Royalty’

Helen Murray, 'Royalty' single cover, press photography

Hi everyone, I’m Helen Murray, an alternative R&B-Soul artist from Ireland. I write and co-produce all of my music and I recently released my third single “Royalty” with a sassy, over-the-top music video to mirror the title of the track.

“Royalty” is a different sound to my other two singles “Thank You“, a catchy R&B Pop song and “Move Me”, a heartbreaking harmony-driven ballad.

“Royalty” is an alternative electronic R&B track, with emotionally driven lyrics and uplifting beats. This creates an unusual dichotomy within the music, that is powerful and honest.

All of my songs are written from my perspective and situations that have happened in my life. I wrote “Royalty” after an awkward encounter with someone I just met. When we were chatting, I couldn’t help but feel the dynamic shift and it became clear that they felt their life was superior to mine. There was an air of arrogance and grandiosity that I hadn’t seen before, and to be honest I found it unnerving, but mostly comical!

“Royalty” is the sassy and sarcastic response to this experience, which is echoed by the eerie chromatic descending chords and distorted bassline. I had a lot of fun writing this song, as it was a dig towards the person without them even knowing.

Writing “Royalty” made me realise people should be called out if they think they are better than others because “they have a certain lifestyle”, which makes them feel superior.

We all have our differences that make us unique and should be celebrated, but it’s never right to make someone feel inferior because of certain social status. Royalty calls out people like this and hopefully makes them reflect on their ways.

I co-produced Royalty with producer RVSTLESS (Steven McCann), with vocals edited and recorded by Adam Shanahan, who both worked with me on my previous two releases.

My favourite line in Royalty has to be “your ego is feeding into all my energy”. It speaks to how difficult it was to keep face and interest in a conversation that was completely one-sided. I think we have all come across a person in our lives who drains us.

My big learning curve was realising I can control who I surround myself with! If I could say anything to my younger self it would be to not get caught up in trying to be friends with everyone, because the people who matter will stick around.

I am so excited to share my new music video for “Royalty”. The music video for “Royalty” is based on experiences of working in the service industry and encountering incredibly rude customers.

The concept came from years of working in the service industry and interacting with extremely disrespectful customers, who couldn’t seem to recognise that I was just like them. It’s something we have all come across in our working lives and I feel the lyrics of Royalty hone in on that perfectly, “your blue blood’s red, like the rest of us“.

The video is over-the-top, sassy and energetic. The storyline is exaggerated and grandiose. I had so much fun impersonating a character who is a ‘good waiter gone bad’. This character had endured of years of disrespectful customers and had enough of it, which ultimately leads her to poisoning the rude customer (played by Clara Sinclair).

The video continues to watch my character indulge in luxurious clothes and jewellery, touching on the royal element of the song. However, ends with justice catching up to her.

Making music videos is a way for me to completely let go and express a part of my alter ego. I wanted to capture the sassy, audacious and bold behaviour heard in the lyrics of “Royalty”.

“Royalty” was directed by Louis Maxwell of Gracepark Productions, whose previous credits include Pastiche, Rooue, Jack Rua. It features Clara Sinclair and set design credits to Ben Hackett and production manager Aliesha McCarthy. This was shot in Ardgillan Castle, Co. Dublin with special thanks to Tom Reilly and Conor Forkin.

I would love it if you checked out my music video for “Royalty” and also my other releases too. If you like what you hear make sure to subscribe and follow my social media pages to keep up to date.

Words by Helen Murray // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter

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