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WPGM Commentary: Jalle On The Making Of His New EP ‘Hey’

Hi, my name is Jalle and Hey is the title of my debut EP. The whole experience of making this EP has been one of my favourite things I have done in my life so far – it has been so stressful but so fun.

The lockdown didn’t make it easy to bounce ideas around my team and getting everyone on the same page was hard, but we finally made it and it’s here for everyone to listen to.

The first track that I made for the EP was “Pick Me Up“, way back on the 1st of October 2019 with Joe Knight and the Nocturns.

I remember leaving a meeting feeling really good about myself – I had this new thrasher cap that I’d just bought, and I put it in my pocket and it ended up covered in spilled caramel iced latte. I was so annoyed but now all I think about is my hat getting ruined the day I wrote “Pick Me Up”.

We had some more contenders for the EP later on in the year but everything changed when I wrote my personal favourite track, “Someone I Could’ve Been Part Of“.

This track changed from the day I wrote it to the day it got finished, and my team and I put so much work into making this the record it is today. I’m very proud of it – it inspired me to be more vulnerable in my music and dig deeper into what I have to say as an artist.

“Someone I Could’ve Been Part Of” will always be an important song to me because it is about my dad who left before I was born. I never got to meet him or know what he looked like, and he passed away when I was young.

This man I never met has shaped my life, unknowingly making me the person I am today. In some ways, beyond the resentment, I am thankful that there is some good to come from the situation.

Lockdown hitting in the middle of making this EP changed my day to day life drastically. I was cooped up as we all were, bored in our houses, but then Zoom sessions came about and songwriters were saved. It took me a little while to get used to Zoom but after a bit of trial and error, I wrote “Hey”, the title track to my EP.

It was written in my bedroom, on Zoom with Oscar Scheller; I’d never met him before but for some reason, it never felt like that and we clicked instantly. This song is about me getting a bit intoxicated and texting the girl I know I shouldn’t have, telling her about all the things I had been up to since she had left.

S**tfaced” was the song that came out of nowhere. We realised we needed one last track for the EP to complete it, but we didn’t have it yet – we had contenders but we were going round in circles trying to make them fit. Then the restrictions eased for lockdown, and my first in-person session happened.

I wrote “S**tfaced” about the weekend I had just been through with my best mate Sam and a few of our friends. We originally only wrote one verse for this track then ended up finishing it a couple weeks later.

It turned out to be a very smart thing to do as the aftermath of the night was still present when I first wrote, and so by the time a few weeks had gone by and I got in to write the second verse, I knew exactly what to say. This track was written and produced by Andy Hall Hall (his last name’s so nice you gotta say it twice!).

I am so excited for you guys and girls to hear this EP. I’m very proud of myself and my team for making this all happen and look forward to making more projects for you in the future. Listen to Hey below!

Words by Jalle // Follow him on Twitter + Instagram

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