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WPGM Commentary: Lovelle On The Making Of Her New EP ‘Therapy’

My name is Lovelle and I didn’t realise when I was making this Therapy project that I also needed it. I didn’t go into the studio with the intention of creating a project about my life, the heartbreak and learning curves I encountered.

Only when I had completed everything, put the artwork to the music and creating content, plus everything else around it, had I noticed I somewhat healed myself from a lot of pain and courageously saved myself too.

Therapy really is a piece of art – a true expression of what it is to change and to want better for yourself. I went through a break up of 10 years, lost my exes mum to cancer, parted ways with my manager, fell in love and had my heart broken, was made redundant, was unsure of what I wanted anymore or where I was going… I was changing.

It felt as if life was either testing the shit out of me or I was receiving hella karma that I needed to make right. I avoided the studio and writing things down for the longest time because once you say how you feel out loud it becomes real right?

Beggin” was the first song I wrote and this one was more of a vibe rather than something that made me feel uncomfortable, it was honest but light hearted.

I had the pleasure of creating this EP with amazing humans such as Maths, J Warner, Maestro, Raheem Bakare, Adian Coker, Kwame Augustine and Trxth… But Fergus Martin was the one who had the most patience with me while making this whole thing.

It took me a whole year to finally record “Truth“, I hadn’t felt that exposed before. So many people ask for the truth, but when it’s placed in front of us, we’re shook, it’s either something we don’t want or something we’re not ready for.

I talk about wanting to take someone else’s pain so life is easier for them. I’m willing to remove and hold all of their sins and love them unconditionally. That was how much I wanted to love this person and how much I wanted them to love me back.

I would go between my home studio in south east, Maestro’s studio, Fergus’ and then write in Earls Court where I was staying for a while with a friend… I liked it there a lot, it was peaceful. As much as I love playing music crazy loud, there’s something beautiful and harmonious about no sound whatsoever, I feel like silence represents a canvas that I’m able to create on.

Zero is my true love when it comes to photography, he just gets it, he gets me. I’ve never felt uncomfortable shooting with him and he’s always so down for whatever my ideas are. I actually didn’t have a cover for Therapy because of Covid-19, and having to stay home, I couldn’t shoot.

One night, Zero and I were talking and he sent me the picture we eventually chose for the cover and said what about this? That’s when I knew how much of a G he was, because it made perfect sense, the photo represents everything I feel in this EP, from that one shot.

This EP is different, I’ve created my own lane with this project and finally feel like I understand my listeners, myself as a vocalist, a writer and an artist. Not only has going to therapy changed my life, but it helped me create Therapy and for that I’m grateful.

Words by Lovelle // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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