WPGM Commentary: Monét Shares Her Experiences With Love And Loss On ‘Wanna Know’

My name is Monét, and the main themes of “Wanna Know” are love and loss. I have synethsia, which means when I listen to music, I see colours and this song in particular gave me warm yellow hues so it was very important for me to incorporate that into the artwork and video.

I wanted the music video to feel like golden hour. My aim for this video is to capture what it’s like to navigate through your emotions by the simple act of going for a walk in your neighborhood.

Giving yourself the time to process every single thought that comes to mind but also trying to remain present as you breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin, and walk amongst the trees. Whenever I feel low I always find myself wanting to be around nature. It’s very refreshing and I wanted to be able to show that within the video.

The inspiration for the song came from my own experiences with love and loss. As a songwriter, I feel it’s always important to draw from real life experiences whether it’s your experiences or someone else’s because it allows people to connect with your music. Also for me, it’s very therapeutic.

The video was inspired by Jill Scott’s “A Long Walk” video. I loved how fluid it was and how the video was a direct reflection of the song. I admired how differently we were able to use the people around us.

Jill Scott makes a point of including everyone she meets in her long walk giving a sense of community whereas in my video I have purposefully blurred out people or kept them in the background to further the feeling of solitude.

For the cafe scene, I used a mirror to add more dimension to the storyline. Even though the lyrics sound like I’m having a conversation with an ex-lover that person could also be considered myself to symbolize the struggles we go through with the relationship we have with ourselves.

For me, the song came about very organically. I had a session with JSTRNGS in March and we knocked it out within that one session. I’m talking full production to writing the lyrics and recording.

This was the first time I had done something like that as I’m always finding things to change and perfect but I really liked how everything came out in that session and decided to not change a thing.

As for the video, I made a treatment explaining my whole idea. I spoke to JJ (FossFilms) who was my videographer and came up with a plan. We ended up shooting in one day in Burgess Park and around my area with the help of my manager Jase. It was a great productive day and I really love how the video turned out.

Watch the music video for “Wanna Know” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Word by Monét // Follow her on Instagram

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