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WPGM Commentary: Nat Slater Pokes Fun At Her Love Life On ‘4 Leaf Clover’

Hey guys, I’m Nat Slater, and i’m a singer/songwriter from London. I write a lot of my songs in my bedroom on my guitar and that’s actually how I wrote my latest single “4 Leaf Clover“.

I was kind of just messing around singing about all the situationships I’ve been in and how they never seem to work out. I was making myself laugh, writing about how he just didn’t like me back or how I’d thought I’d found ‘the one’ for it only to last a month or how sometimes I just get the ‘ick’ haha.

I almost wanted to celebrate my shitty love life instead of things always being sad. I think we can expect love to be perfect or like the movies when in reality, finding love that lasts can actually be a real struggle.

I then went into the studio with Mark Hill and we finished the song. I’ve been working with Mark since I was 15, it really just feels like working with family.

He used to work with my mum (who was also a singer/songwriter) on the Artful Dodger album in the early 2000s, my mum was even pregnant with me on the album cover! So we go waaaay back lol. My mum definitely gave me my love for music as well as inspiring me everyday and encouraging me to believe in myself. She’s my rock for real.

I picked up the guitar and piano when I was pretty young probably around 7 or 8 years old. This got me into songwriting cos as a kid I would just sit in my room making up lil songs on the guitar or piano haha to be honest not much has changed I still do that now! I played piano classically and got to grade 7.

And when I got to age 14/15, I started doing loads of open mic nights all around London, I think I was doing a different one every week for a bit. I loved it so much, playing my songs that I wrote in my room to a crowd of people is just the coolest feeling ever.

I remember having a lot of fun in the studio recording “4 Leaf Clover”, the vibe was just right. Mark started adding this really cool baseline and I just thought “yeaaaa this is gonna be sick“.

The song is kinda about me being fed up with love haha. I’m saying I could find the perfect person for me, who ticks every box, my “four leaf clover”… but it would still end up going wrong! I would talk to my friends about it and it would almost become like a running joke in the group chat, haha I mean at least I was making them laugh! I like that the song is fun and lighthearted.

I made a little video for the track with my friend Connor. We ran around London and shot in some of my fav places. We went into the arcade and had to secretly shoot some shots because you’re not allowed to film in there lol. We nearly got chased out of the arcade by the owner!

In the video I wore outfits that my other friend Michealla spray painted and upcycled from thrifted items. I love to wear sustainable clothing and find cool new ways to style them. I also love to create stuff with my friends its so much fun.

Check out my new song “4 Leaf Clover” out now everywhere/ I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂

Words by Nat Slater // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter

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