WPGM Commentary: Nora Lilith Admits Her Limitations In Love And Relationships On ‘Daysof8’

My name is Nora Lilith, and I take a very DIY approach to my music, singing/writing/producing everything myself. Its all been a very explorative process, as I’m still relatively new to producing and I actually enjoy my naiveté in the field as it allows me to take creative risks.

“Daysof8” feels very reflective of that exploration, as I had just discovered the Soundtoy’s ‘Alterboy’ plugin when I wrote this song (pretty much in one day). I was really just experimenting with this vocal tone, and it really excited me to be able to manipulate my voice to such a degree.

I still don’t really have one set process when it comes to writing, I fluctuate between starting with the production side of things and starting with vocals/melodies which gives me more room to vocally express.

With this track I started with the beat; I laid down the drums first, then the bass line, and the vocal melody came pretty naturally from just hearing that initial groove. In general I only really have vague intentions going into writing tracks, as I can never really create a perfect reflection of what i’m going into it with.

I’ve learned to allow my creations to take on a life of their own, and not force they’re shape too much.
A lot of times I actually write the lyrics last. Like with this track, I sketch out the melodies first while improvising words and go back afterwards to connect the dots of what naturally came to me in those moments, rearranging and adding things where need be.

I like seeing what sticks after that initial vocal improv, its sort of acts as an entryway into my subconscious mind since there’s usually something I learn about myself in retrospect looking back at what I wrote, when in that flow state.

This track lyrically is about the synthesis of recognizing your own limitations and mistakes in a relationship whilst wishing the other to be free from the clutches of those shortcomings. It’s a confession of one’s own attachments and desperations, and a statement of loving release of that hold and an encouragement to ‘go’ be free.

The name “Daysof8” feels representative of days where one is able to energetically hold love. The number 8 is structurally and visibly similar to an infinity symbol.

To me, true love is an act of extending oneself for the sake of another’s growth. This act is infinite – infinitely doable and experientially infinite. It also makes me think of symbols of duality and balance, like yin/yang, an interplay between two forces that are fluid and symbiotic.

I would say the video came together with a similar air of experimentation and spontaneity. I was really interested in using VHS footage to couple with the lo-fi sound of the track, and my friend Nadia who is a film photographer and videographer offered to help with this project.

It was really a two-women team, with just me and her taking her VHS and digital camera to different locations around town in improvising. Nadia also did all of the editing and color grading herself. I really prefer these sorts of lo-fi, small, low budget projects over the big sets. I think there’s so much more room for an open exchange of creative ideas.

We were eager to incorporate some strange visual elements, like the reflection shots that were done with mirror shards which sometime manipulated my face/eyes. Since the vocals are so altered, I really wanted the visuals to also have altered aspects where one would question what exactly is going on.

The idea behind the roller-skates was to highlight the childlike or playful qualities of the song. Similar with the dripping pink ice cream; it was intended as this melding of strangeness and levity, which reflected the tone of the track but also the lyrical theme of love and relationships.

This release has been a really interesting one for me. I’m actually quite bad at the stress around releasing. Generally as a somewhat with an anxious/self-critical mind, I’ve been really teaching myself better practices and methods around my creative writing process.

I think with this release, I’m also learning that I need better practices around releasing, specifically reconciling the dissonance between creating and releasing; the former is something I do to connect more deeply with myself. The latter can be a very vulnerable and exposing experience, and I’m learning how not to allow each of these arena’s to influence each other too much.

Anyways, I’m happy to be creating and I’m so grateful to anyone who took the time out of their day to read this! 🙂

Watch the video for “Daysof8” below:

Words by Nora Lilith // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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