WPGM Commentary: Raheaven On The Making Of Her Debut EP ‘2PERSONAL’

Hey 🙂 I’m Raheaven, aka North London baddie, aka Eritrean princess, you get the gist.

This 2PERSONAL project to me is an introduction to all the different sides and sounds that live within me. I didn’t have an intention with this EP, I was creating songs constantly with all different kinds of wonderful, amazing and talented producers and writers, and these 4 songs stuck with and stood out to me.

Each song to me was made with a different level of emotion and purpose. I almost felt compelled to make these songs. I didn’t sit down and think “I want to make a song about this“. I just had to, and I had to get each feeling in each song off my chest.

7am” was created just after a 7am situation. I was just talking my sh*t, and I didn’t care if it was an unpopular opinion because I know that a lot of 21st century women would resonate too. We don’t really hear that kind of story in music, and I was excited to tell an alternative story even if it was a risk.

Leave Him Alone” was inspired by 2000’s R&B, and I was happy to tell a love story with a bit of attitude in that way because R&B to me tells stories about love and relationships in such a unique, nostalgic and warm way.

OVER” was probably the most difficult song for me. Ed Thomas and Maverick Sabre have an amazing way of creating a space where I could be vulnerable (which is not my preferred state of being, because bad b***hes don’t cry!), but I had to leave the studio and go to the toilet twice to cry.

I love that song so much. I think it’s so beautiful even though it was painful to make, it was cathartic, and it was almost as if it was the final nail in the coffin for me and I could put some feelings I had about a previous breakup to bed.

After going through the creative process and compiling these songs together, in retrospect, I look back now and I realise that all the songs are about different aspects of different types of relationships from my perspective. From the unpopular and unordinary points of view in “7AM” to the more universal concepts and feelings shared in “OVER”.

My most personal thoughts and feelings are shared in this which is why I feel the title suits it so well. It’s kind of funny because I say “I don’t wanna get too personal with you“, but this EP is literally me getting all the way personal. I don’t usually have a filter anyways, but I think what helped was that I was experiencing a lot of things in my personal life when I was making these songs. So I had a lot to say, all the time.

2Personal” was the last song made on this EP, produced by Cadenza, and written with Savannah who I worked with on “Leave Him Alone” too. We made that song in 5 minutes and I was convinced it couldn’t be that simple, so I spent hours trying to change it but we stuck to the original flow.

I appreciate that experience because it taught me that sometimes songs write themselves and there’s only one way it’s going to go, as if it’s meant to be.

I’m grateful for everyone that made this EP happen, and I feel lucky to have been heard. I appreciate everyone for taking my suggestions on board with the production and vocal arrangements, and to have been trusted with that, as I know a lot of artists aren’t so involved in the production/recording process.

For me, my 2PERSONAL EP is about getting comfortable with getting all the way honest, even if it makes others uncomfortable. There are all these different types of attachments, relationships and situationships that I’ve experienced, and this EP is just me speaking on those different kinds of scenarios.

Listen to 2PERSONAL below!

Words by Raheaven // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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