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WPGM Commentary: Shaqdi On Her New EP ‘Daydreaming’ – Track By Track

Daydreaming is my second EP and something that’s new for this one is that I’ve collaborated with other producers and artists. This is something new to me and a bit out of my comfort zone since I’m used to working by myself or with people I’m really close to.

I’m really starting to enjoy working with other artists and challenging myself so I would definitely wanna do more of that in the future. There isn’t a theme for this EP but something I have focused on is trying to be more personal in my songs, singing about my family, depression and relationships.
I hope that it shines through and that people can get to know me a little bit better.

The first track is the title track “Daydreaming“. To me “Daydreaming” is like zoning out from the world people want you live in and instead creating and living in your on reality. Everyone is so busy talking about other people and share our thoughts on how they should live their life. It pisses me off sometimes listening to everyone lecturing each other back and forth.

Sometimes it’s good to get another perspective on things but I believe most of the time the best thing is to ignore everyone’s opinions and trust yourself. When you do the thing that seems impossible or the thing that hurts the most, that’s when something amazing can happen and you can allow yourself to feel more alive than ever.

The second track is an ode to my own “mom“, a thank you for everything she’s done for me and for always being there no matter what. Growing up wasn’t so easy at times but my mom somehow managed to carry us through it all. I’m so grateful for all the love and support she has given me and this is my humble way of repaying a little bit.

Predictable” is about getting over someone when they’re not giving you the change to actually do that, get over them. Maybe you’ve also been in that situation when you break up with someone.

You feel like absolute shit for a while and then when you finally start to feel a little bit better that’s when you get a text from that person saying I miss you or some other bullshit. It feels so good to hear but so fucking sad at the same time.

5 Days” is about the times when I spend too much time at home. When I’m feeling down and don’t have the energy to even get out of bed. I lose my creativity completely. It goes up and down, some days are shit and some are better.

What’s important to remember at those times is that it’s ok to feel like shit sometimes. We all do and that’s fine. It’ll pass and maybe tomorrow will be a little bit better.

Lover” is about letting your guard down and finding love when you least expect it. Once you find it you know that you would do literally anything for that love. “Lover” is one of the first songs I wrote together with Zagor who’s producing most of my tracks. I wrote it 5 years ago and really I found my sound for the first time with that song so I’m happy that it’s finally out.

I wrote “Velcro” about realizing that you’ve grown apart from someone you use to be very connected and close to. Maybe it’s a family member a friend or a partner.

It’s so hard to admit to yourself that someone you used to love so deeply actually don’t have anything in common with you anymore. You try so hard to reconnect but it’s like you’re in two different dimensions so you can’t even communicate with each other anymore.

Listen to my Daydreaming EP below

Words by Shadqi // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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