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WPGM Recommends: Arthur Nery

The Rise Of A New Artist In OPM: Arthur Nery Is Breaking Records

Although music was a massive influence and passion in the life of Manila artist and singer/songwriter Arthur Nery, trying to pursue a music career was not what he envisioned himself doing right away. However, after several jobs every now and then, Arthur took the leap to continue pursuing music full-time.

His first single “Life Puzzle” was self-released, but soon after, Arthur was quickly contracted to Kean Cipriano’s record label, O/C Records. Success came quickly after that. That’s when he began to have faith in himself and chose to pursue his musical journey in earnest.

Arthur released his second official single “Binhi” after his record deal with O/C Records in 2019, and it became a hit in its own right. Later that year, he released his debut studio album, Letters Never Sent, which included the hit tune “Higa”. The R&B-influenced sound and lyricism of the 10-track album earned it great acclaim.

However, Arthur’s most pivotal year in his career would be 2021. With the release of “Pelikula”, a collaboration with Janine Tenoso, the singer eventually had a massive hit on his hands. Before then, Arthur’s other tracks “Take All The Love” and “Happy w u” featuring Jason Dhakal also did well.

His most recent single “Pagsamo” was released on October 1 and quickly became a great smash in the Philippines. With over 400,000 – 500,000 daily streams, the emotive track topped Spotify Philippines’ records. It also beat off global superstars like BTS and Adele to reach the top of the charts in the country.

With over 12 million streams as of this writing, “Pagsamo” is currently number one on the Spotify Philippines Top 50 chart. In fact, five of Arthur’s songs are now included in the chart as well. It’s reasonable to say that Arthur’s most recent song is one of his greatest songs. He has just risen to the top as the hit-making singer in the Philippines.

A peaceful and mellow tune, “Pagsamo”, features Arthur’s smooth blending of effortlessly jazz, R&B, soul and lyrical romance. “Pagsamo” is essentially your standard “please don’t go” fare — an emotion that cuts over national and linguistic bounds.

However, we anticipate the release of a more accurate translation of the tune in the near future. Because it appears that this song may include some, shall we say, lyrical complexities that are lost in the automated translation.

If you listen to a song by Arthur Nery, you should anticipate voice, sincerity, and heart. The sound Arthur creates is referred to as “coffee shop music”, which he describes as “soft listening tracks to relax with”, but it’s more than that.

His topics, such as heartbreak, are frequently drawn from personal experience. These are accompanied by simple jazzy melodies with a tinge of R&B. They frequently remind you of songs by Daniel Caesar and Bruno Mars, two of his idols whose music is equally captivating. Arthur sings in a falsetto tone that appeals to female listeners.

Arthur writes songs from a specific spot, which is why so many, if not all, of his works have a profound emotional impact. Arthur tries to convey this authenticity and genuine passion through music.

He says that he is concerned that he may be too open with his music at times, and he tries to avoid disclosing too much personal information. However, his ultimate ambition is to create music that people can relate to, or that at least feels authentic to him.

Many musicians would dream of Arthur’s meteoric climb in the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) scene. Despite the fact that Arthur’s path to where he is now has not been simple, he credits his family for keeping him inspired.

For the time being, Arthur is working on his upcoming projects. He stated that he is now working on his second studio album, which will be released in the near future. And he promises to keep writing about and expressing his passion for his interest, including greater collaboration with other artists.

Many young people are inspired by a person like Arthur, who never gives up on their aspirations and taking risks in pursuit of chances.

Keep tabs on Arthur Nery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Words by Camila Jane B. Herrera

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