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WPGM Recommends: Aurganic – Distant Echoes & Close Encounters (Album Review)

Electronic rock duo Aurganic released their new album entitled Distant Echoes & Close Encounters on the 26th of September. Producers Michael Kossov and Leo Pisaq are bringing, with this one, a new approach into musicality – taking influences from many rock electronic groups, while bringing their unique approach to this new record.

As they describe themselves, Aurganic are an experimental alternative/electronic project of two multi-instrumentalist producers, that turn the sounds in their head into a colourful musical palette, and that is exactly what they have mastered into their music journey with this album.

They begin their album with an epic electronic experimental track entitled “Signs”. There they unveil a poetic story about the art of life and relationships between people in everyday life. Intelligent and elegant, charming the listener from the first second. This is definitely one of my favorite ones and there are plenty more to come!

Empires” follows, it is a romantic emotional track talking about the best feeling of it all, being in love, when you want nothing else but being with your other half all the time. Having a rock chic musical outcome with perfectly crafted guitar sounds and synths and basslines in it, it is a nice song to drift away listening to on a rainy Sunday morning, relaxing and chilling with or without company.

The third track on the Distant Echoes & Close Encounters album is “Invisible (In The Shadows)”. A very down tempo, sexy soundscape track is delivered to us this time, having an experimental rock alternative outcome all the way through out it.

The vocals are magnificent with lyrics that can make you vision all the beautiful pictures presented lyrically there. Definitely another good choice to listen to when taking a me-day, away from the sometimes noisy reality we all are dealing with occasionally.

Levitate” is the following track and it is still in the same musical mood as the previous ones. Experimenting with electronic, alternative, post rock and indie sounds, the outcome is great and it is evoking exceptional feelings to the listener musically and lyrically.

Distant Echoes”, the fifth track and the one of the two main tracks in the album’s title, is there for a reason, as it has the expressionism and the intellectual feeling of loneliness and unconventional lust for that unique person. The musicality in it is awesome making the listener for once again feel introverted warmth into his heart.

“Meander” and “Porcelain” are both versatile and playful bringing joy and comfort to the person hearing. A free form of expressionism lyrically, the group concludes in those songs the essence of relationships. Wisdom in words and sounds evoking the experience for memorable times to come.

Aurganic seem fragile and dreamy in the following track entitled “Shaman”. Orchestrally transparent and dreamy, at the middle of the song they are rocking with loud guitars and drum sounds but right after that, they are keeping their usual dreamy and electronic sounds bringing the track back down to its former position.

Highly anticipated and definitely one of my favorite suggestions in this album is the last song in it. “Close Encounters” reminds me of the aerial sounds of electronic scapes of Radiohead but in a more evolved, more mature way. Only instrumental sounds this time, the track is the right closing outro in this phenomenal album.

Distant Echoes & Close Encounters is Aurganic’s best work until now. Listen to their latest release and just enjoy the musicality flow whenever and with whoever you are with and remember that music is always bringing the best into a man’s or a woman’s life and Distant Echoes & Close Encounters is the right album to prove that!

Purchase Aurganic Distant Echoes & Close Encounters on Bandcamp here.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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