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WPGM Recommends: Foxing – Dealer (Album Review)

foxing dealer
After releasing their immersive debut studio album The Albatross in 2014, Foxing have returned with their new album Dealer, released officially on Friday, the 30th of October. With songs written from a cabin in Vermont, Dealer evokes catharsis with its raw emotion and proves itself to be one of the bravest and special albums of 2015.

Opening with “Weave“, it’s a very safe but successful bet to ease any new listener into the album. With cushioned, layered guitar and Conor Murphy‘s vocals more flowing than before, the track shyly opens the door to the album whilst the prominent drumming progresses the song and invites you inside. Similarly, “The Magdalene” impresses with its twinkly, hypnotic guitars and rhythmic patterns. This aids the emotional lyricism which explores Murphy’s struggles with sexual expression that arose growing up at a Catholic school.

Next up is “Night Channels” which is introduced by delicate piano and surprises as it reaches an explosive crescendo of instrumental talent, displaying Foxing’s brilliant combined abilities as a band. A personal favourite, “Laundered” hits hard with atmospheric vocals and subtle, post-rock influenced haunting guitar melodies. “Call me what you will, just call me. Call me what I am. I’m yours” – With excerpts like this, “Laundered” is lyrically jarring and will rekindle anyone’s buried emotions, exposing Foxing’s potential to connect to their audience. Up next, the addition of trumpets and the delicacy of the guitar work in “Indica” heightens the poignant and very moving vocals. This song is a gentle journey through a painful story.

Winding Cloth” is an important track as it’s purely instrumental. It sounds like a score that’s been plucked out of a movie scene – you know, the bit that most people would well up at. This beautiful song highlights Foxing’s dedicated, attentive musicianship excellently. “Redwoods” next tells a tale of heartbreak with Murphy’s vocal abilities pleading authenticity in the lyrics along with the cleverly paced, shimmering instrumentals. “Find a reason not to leave” echoes out several times at the end of this track, resonating the theme of the song.

Glass Coughs” stands out with the brief return of shrilled vocals which are reminiscent of their older work towards the latter end of the song and the more prominent drumming helps to awaken the listener from a possible head-full of emotion. At first, “Eiffel” seems like a filler song, but regains itself and surprises as you reach the intense tremolo filled crescendo. “Coda” is also an instrumental and is an incredibly tranquil and atmospheric step into the final track on the album “Three On A Match“. The concluding track echoes soft apologies and glues the album together as a whole. It does not finish the album abruptly with unanswered questions, but instead brings complete closure in the most beautifully sad way.

Foxing have 100% (calmly) flipped the lid with Dealer and after giving it a listen (again, and again, and again), they’ll probably be your new favourite band. It’s safe to say their sound has matured massively since their previous work and as difficult as it is to impress with a second album, this band sure have shown how it should be done. It might make you a tad sad but the beauty of this album is totally worth it. The band have grown up but they have done so without completely losing their image and sound that many fell in love with. This is the way music should be produced and this is the way that musicians should progress. Dealer is out now on Triple Crown Records, purchase on iTunes here.

“Foxing is a band. Someday Foxing won’t be a band” – their unofficial motto; catch them while you can.

Words by Phoebe Messenger

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