WPGM Recommends: Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending (Album Review)

Franz Ferdinand’s Always Ascending album is a masterpiece, bringing us all, the true pulse of the mysteriously sexy atmosphere of the new British Pop Rock scene. They have outdone themselves musically in this one, setting an even higher standard than their previous music creations.

Always Ascending“, the title track and first song on the album, is a Disco-Rockish song alluring the listener to dance down of the shiny disco ball onto the dance floor with their platform shoes all night long. Dynamicity is flowing all the way though out it, setting the pace and the feeling of the whole album. It opens the listener’s music appetite for discovering what comes next on this unconventional record.

The next song is the ideal song for procrastinators. The idea of being lazy never sounded more tempting to follow and adjust to. The “Lazy Boy” track keeps the rhythms high and the atmosphere glamorous.

Paper Cages” starts as a romantic storytelling track but as it evolves, Franz Ferdinand are bringing a more political state essence to it. “Vivid and free in your imagination” they quote, and when the loops are placed one over the other, the song is lifted up to another music level. It is full of messages for the modern society and the whole system that makes us feel sometimes that we are living in Paper Cages.

With only its title, “Finally“, the fourth track of the album reminds us all that if we try enough, we can finally find what we are looking for and wish for… In Franz Ferdinand’s case, they sing that they finally found the right people but it can be interpreted from many aspects and many view, as many as the listener is in the mood to think of when listening too.

The theatrical aspect in their musicality is velvety placed in “The Academy Award“. Even if it is more down tempo then the previous ones, it stays dynamic and has a penchant for creating nostalgia feelings and images.

Inspired by the profile ID of the caricature of Batman’s girl, the group has created the song “Lois Lane” which lyrically talks about the life of single over-30s people, and how they seem powerful and happy, but is it bleak after all, the group wanders at the end.

Huck And Jim“, the 7th track of the album is all about the American way of living, having in it, influences of many American music roots and aspects, while “Glimpse Of Love“, the next song, is an emotional roller coaster, high and full with density, as the certain kind of lady it is describing on the song lyrics.

As the Always Ascending album is one step closer to its outro, Franz Ferdinand are putting all their – mainly known for and loved for – electronic music sounds and samples into the “Feel The Love Go” track. This track is a genuine and easily distinguished Franz Ferdinand song, which all the fans will love and adore.

Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow“, the final song of the album has a unique necessity and is neatly placed as the last piece of the whole music compilation. The last glimpse of this whole music set and as a last glimpse, it cools off the atmosphere. It is a chill out song that brings a calm full peaceful feeling right when it is needed and anticipated.

The Always Ascending album has the freshness and dynamicity that the listener craves to hear from a genuine edgy British Pop group of the 21st century era. Franz Ferdinand have overcome themselves and brought back for one more time, the glamorous side of music, with their highly quality music status and their most lyrically creative atmosphere.

Franz Ferdinand’s Always Ascending is out now via Domino Records, purchase it on iTunes here, and stream it below.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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