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WPGM Recommends: Hamzaa – First Signs Of Me (EP Review)

The brand new debut EP from 20-year old London singer and songwriter Hamzaa entitled First Signs Of Me is all about the journey we all sometimes have in our lives, about finding love, selfcare and joy at the end of it.

The EP begins with “Red“, in which Hamzaa is unveiling a fragile side of her personality by singing about how to find yourself and love yourself once again, in spite of the things happening in your life and all the complications involved in it.

She is giving all of us a lesson about life and self respect on this one, and as such, the introduction to her First Signs Of Me EP seems very powerful, and provokes all of us to think about our lives in an introspective way, and find our truth to self love once again in our lives.

Breathing“, the song that follows is all about the freedom you get when you are liberated from misconductions. It is about finding your way through life, and it’s all about trying. As Hamzaa says in this song, this is an ongoing fight in all of our lives, to get us all to a place where we can just breathe and be free from all the barriers.

The third track on the EP is titled “Stranded Love“, and the theme of this track is about a kind of love that is unconventional, and seems unhealthy sometimes. A stranded love where the person who is involved in this relationship is going through difficulties, due to the fact that the other one in the relationship is not as transparent and loving.

We sometimes all get to this point in our own relationships, and left with a broken heart, or stayed and felt like being stuck in a rut for quite some time, so in this song, there is another lesson to be learnt and keep in our minds – just go as far away as possible from this kind of relationships and not to compromise our values…

Nothing Can Be Done” is a chill out song about the reminiscences of our previous youth. It is also about relationships, with the love theme carrying on into this track. when you get heartbroken and in those past youth days, as Hamzaa and the majority of us that have gone through this will admit, it was cruel and it hurt, when you got your heart broken, in those past youth days.

Saving Grace” seems like a musical pray to God, when you just whisper the things and situations you want in your life. It is all about finding the perfect love, which is going to transform your life and bring you the inner piece you want in your life.

You” is a song that is all about a person who is in a relationship, where everyone is telling them that their live interest is not good enough, but it seems like for that particular person, this special someone is bringing all the right feelings and bringing a shelter to go to, when the world seems without light in their everyday reality.

The EP ends with “Breathing Pt.2“, featuring Wretch 32 & Ghetts, and it brings an R&B twist to the original “Breathing” track. More R&B and Hip Hop sounds enrich the original track, making it more smooth and evolving it into a more rhythmic base, which at this point of the EP, makes for the perfect outro track and curtain call.

More or less, Hamzaa’s Signs Of Me EP is all about wandering into different situations and different relationships, and finding that after all, isn’t love and romance what we all want in our lives? Purchase Hamzaa’s Signs Of Me EP on iTunes here, and stream it on Spotify below.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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