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WPGM Recommends: Katie Costello – New World (EP Review)

Katie Costello. A Californian queen with an upbeat pop star message to share into the dismal heartbreak of modern life. Costello has been writing since she was just thirteen years old, injecting hope, happiness and diversity into every track she produces.

The title track “New World” kicks off her brand new slim 3-song EP of the same name. This is a track full of love, hope and sincerity. A song with a bright exterior, that carries a rich and powerful meaning. Lyrics such as “I’ve had enough of all the heartache” and “have you seen the news lately this world is falling apart“, are everything that every single right-minded person has been thinking lately.

I believe the true beauty of this track comes with its 2-sided parallels; a song that can carry off upbeat positivity with powerfully driven vocals, is certainly a song that needs to be heard by us all when we feel like all hope is lost.

Next up is “A Beautiful Mystery“. This track certainly contains a more alt/rock edge to it. A guitar-strummingly beautiful track that carries you on a journey into the heart of Costello’s musical creativity. As again, the gloriously optimistic beat with lyrics that desperately yet elegantly hope and desire for a better world.

With this, comes incredibly impressive and faultlessly flowy vocals from Katie herself. This track is truly a wonderful song with an imbedded deeper meaning. This track is ultimately about Katie understanding that the world is not necessarily a great place all the time. But, it can be somewhat of a beautiful mystery.

From my perspective, Katie is singing about the beauty that the world does provide us, and how it can be the best place on earth. However, its sometimes a huge mystery to us. With all the mindless and evil in the world, it really is a mystery how something so beautiful as earth, can create a mystery of such misery.

Katie sings about how her “heart is shining through the dark“. This is a beautiful lyric, encapsulating the goodness and strength that lies within us all. I truly believe that Katie portrays human kindness, resilience and strength ever so gracefully within this track.

Katie also talks about “Looking for a clue to make it all brand new“. Which to me, indicates she is not a quitter, she’s not someone who will give up on finding and searching for something that will make the world ‘brand new’, and thrilling to a part of.

Last but most definitely not least is the fabulous track named “Hearts On Fire“. A staccato piano with rumbling drum beats start this inspiring and glittery musical masterpiece off. This track is filled with idea of Katie wanting to reach for the stars and become an astronaut, yet she constantly feels like she is facing the hardship of the world’s inevitable gravity.

A positive and full of life track, yet it fills the heart with thoughts of wanting more, and fighting for a better world to live in. However, It does manage to end the EP on a seriously upbeat note with Costello’s conventionally cheery and hopeful musical sounds.

Katie hopes and sings for a new and better world. Her music is something to be shouted about. Its anthemic, united, diverse and extremely powerful. Yet, it still manages to fill the heart with poptastic beats, beautifully thought out melodies and scrumptious vocals.

This EP is the start of a musical revolution that the world is craving. Listen to this EP if you need some guidance, a wakeup call, or even just to dance around and appreciate the life that you have created. Katie Costello New World EP is out now via Rebel Pop Records, purchase it on iTunes here.

Words by Stephanie Penman

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