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WPGM Recommends: Mila J – MILAULONGTIME (Album Review)

Mila J is definitely turning heads as she remains consistent with her work rate. We are getting projects from her left, right and centre and she has not failed to impress thus far. She is sticking to her niche R&B sound with her latest project.

MILAULONGTIME is the Californian native’s kickstart compilation to 2017 and released just in time for Valentines Day. The mixtape is seven tracks long and each song has its own vibe that will get you either ready to leave the man you love, make love or both.

Mila’s sultry sound is very different to her sister’s, Jhene Aiko, but she is serving tracks that should not be easily dismissed. I am slowly becoming a fan of hers and once we get into a few tracks from MILAULONGTIME, I’m sure you’ll understand why.

It’s a little cheeky for me to review this song, as I did review it when it debuted, but “F-Boy” is such a jam and I have a little more to say. “F-Boy”, which features as track number two on the mixtape, was released ahead of the project and I was instantly sold.

It is pretty clear from the title and lyrics that she is referring to an ex-lover whom she regrets getting involved with; “how did I end up with this mother-f fraud”. In this track she discusses the breakup and lets him know she wants nothing to do with him or his dog, for that matter.

The beat is a little jazzy with a piano coming in every now and then. But for me it is her voice is that seals the deal on this track. Her laidback vocals and bellicose delivery, singing “you know I don’t F with you babe”, will have you feeling good to be single. I know I did.

As the mixtape progresses, we can easily grasp that she is over her past situation; as she seems to be getting intimate with someone else (or possibly her ex still) in track four, “TRPSX”. This song is slower and Mila seems to be more in the lover’s day spirit, as she gets a lot more sensual.

We get to enjoy the beat on this one as she repeats, “Said he closed the door/Dropping clothes to the floor/’cos I want you, now”, every so often throughout the whole song. This track embodies the clichéd phrase “simplicity is key”. It’s sexy and gets the point across. Her voice is a perfect fit for this as it sets the mood for a fun filled evening.

I’ve got to give it to the producer(s) on this one too, as the production in my opinion, is flawless.

However, the fun does not last for long when reality hits. Mila is back in the same awkward position she was in “F-Boy” and now she’s in need of a “New Crib”, which features as track number five.

She repeats “I’m missing, I’m missing, I’m missing you” as she relives the memories of her past relationship. She vents about the aftermath of a breakup and as the song comes to a close she believes getting herself out of that space will what will officiate the break up and help her move on, “Now I’ma need a new crib/Memories all over this”.

She does seem to regain her sense of being and possibly even moved on to be with someone else; in the last two tracks, “Body” and “The Long Way”.

I definitely feel fans can appreciate the way Mila has carefully compiled a list of tracks that represent different stages of emotional grief a breakup can bring without bringing you to tears.

For a mixtape this was a great piece. With each track her vocals carried a different weight and the production overall was pretty seamless. Each track flows into the next as if it does not have an end and although the story varies – one moment she’s smitten and the next she’s heartbroken – you see a picture being painted of possibly what her relationship was like.

The mixtape is real, relatable and fun to vibe to. The bonus is that the jazzy and funky beats will leave you feeling good. Visuals for the tracks I discussed would be pretty cool but more importantly I would hope possibly an album is in the works.

Also visit her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and website pages to keep tabs on Mila J.

Words by Ada Boas

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