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WPGM Recommends: Nova Twins – Supernova (Album Review)

Supernova is the sophomore album from UK rising stars, Nova Twins. Released on June 17, 2022 by Marshall records, the 11- track record perfectly showcases the talents of the duo comprising of Georgia South (bass/keyboards/vocals) and Amy Love (vocals/guitar).

In the beginning, I found it hard to believe that they were just a duo, because of how rich their music is, but they are indeed two young women, paving their own way in the rock scene.

The album opener “Power (Intro)” feels like a spaceship landing with the robotic chanting of “Supernova”, where the gritty bass and guitar dominate and capture one’s attention, only to be let go when the last note rings. There are multiple underlying themes in this album such as embracing yourself, power and love.

Instrumentally, the songs blend well into each other, while maintaining a semblance of uniqueness. Nova Twins do not only stick to their rock/punk/alternative elements, but they also surprise us by meshing R&B, rap and electropop into the mix, which does not deviate from their style, but elevates the songs on the album.

“Puzzles” is delivered with a catchy beat at the start, and then South’s bass, with heavy riffs, leads to the song leaving a lasting impression in the listener’s mind. “A Dark Place For Something Beautiful” also showcases their talents.

Love’s flexible vocal range ranges from high and melodic in “Toolbox” to lower, almost whispery tones at the beginning of “Fire And Ice” accompanied by South’s backing vocals. Moreso, it would not be a rock album without the song where they shred with reckless abandon, guaranteed to start mosh pits, “Choose Your Fighter”.

Not only are they masters at experimenting, but also at lyricism. “K.M.B (Kill My Boyfriend)” startles at the beginning when a confession to murder is made, giving us a peek into the horror genre. Tell me you do not immediately think of the film Me, You, Madness (2021) when Love sings “Try not to take it personally / You bring out the worst in me”.

Furthermore, we get to see their sassy honesty with “Cleopatra” which addresses being proud of your own heritage. As two women of colour, making it in a genre that is dominated by a certain demographic, this feels like an anthem for people to embrace their heritage as the lyrics “We live, never die / It’s in our bloodlines” and “Blacker than the leather / That’s holding our boots together” state.

“Antagonist” the most streamed song on the album, while being an instrumental masterpiece, can be placed right up there with songs for the outcasts like “Titanium” by Sia. Even if they are seen as protagonists, they fight for what they believe in, and Love promises she’s “Got the strength of a titan / I’m made of iron”.

Finally, to their critiques, they have a message in “Enemy”, where they state, “We are here, don’t need your permission / Nova is now your religion / Tell the world about our mission”. While charged with distorted bass, electric guitar, and futuristic elements, Supernova ends off with the softer, and slower “Sleep Paralysis”.

“Sleep Paralysis” starts off very eerie but builds up to a catchy chorus. It contains not only horror elements, a heavy base and nonchalant but creepy vocals, ending the album in an interesting tone.

Personally, I enjoyed listening to the album and felt like the themes and messages explored here resonated with me a lot. It surpassed what I expected, which was a very nice surprise. It is their own sound, the Nova Twins sound, with their own rules.

They put their heart and soul into this, while also proving that they cannot be tied down. As a woman of colour with a love for rock, having been told that it should not be the music I listen to, seeing them out there representing gives me the good kind of goosebumps.

I would recommend this album to anyone from any walk of life, I am sure you will also find something that resonates with you in it.

Listen to Nova Twins’ Supernova below and stream / download it here.

Words by Melisa Nyamukondiwa

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