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WPGM Recommends: Trevor Hall – The Fruitful Darkness Part III (EP Review)

Trevor Hall has released a new EP entitled The Fruitful Darkness Part III. He rocks with sweet romanticity in this one, and with his distinguished deep-warmful voice, has delivered to us all, a love tribute anthem that will speak to your inner heart and fill you with warmth and positivity.

Despite his young age, he has a unique maturity and inner depth concept about life. Maybe he wants to get closer to his fans with his music in this EP and help them to think about love and life on a more intimate level, nourishing the soul and triggering awareness.

In the first track entitled “If I was A Warrior“, the melody is filled with a warm melancholy describing images of different warriors. Warriors without weapons, unarmed with only the shields of the power of forgiveness, laughter and love.

He is singing about the essence of life, surrendering to love with idealism and bravery. A smooth song like a forest breeze bringing images of how inner peace might sound like. This track has the complicated simplicity that our life might have sometimes.

Arrows“, the track that follows, goes straight to the heart of the listener. A different interpretation of the feeling that brings butterflies to our stomach. He is singing about love, which is the greatest feeling of all. Trevor Hall in “Arrows”, signs about how love and being in love can be massive, an idea which we all must have at the back of our minds and never give up to the hope that we will find someone who will be our other half.

Hall sings that even though there may darkness around us, we will overcome the darkness and the negativity, and thrive through the powerful feeling of being in love. Musically on “Arrows”, the drum beat is giving the general paste to the song and the guitars are following the rhythm will grace.

The third track is entitled “A Reminder“. The essence of the song is that even though you might have support by others, you and only you must find out your self-center. His advice with this one, is that love alone cannot solve any personal problems you are dealing with.

The miracle is beside you but you have to pull the strings to concern your goals. No one else can do it for you. Some people may care about other people close to them, but no one can help you if you don’t let them into your life. So it is in your own inner mechanism to let others join you and be part of your life. They will and want to help you but if you don’t let them inside your heart, nothing will be accomplished after all.

Karma” has wisdom lyrically. It is about love but this time analyzing the karmic aspect of love. The artist is seeing Karma as a way of elevating the spirit and soul; it seems like he has studied hinduism first and then wrote the song, talking by the metaphors in it about the power of love. He wisely sings about the timing when you will first know your soul and then distinguishing your true match in life, finding the right one for you, the karmic one.

The outro song which concluded the EP is titled “Jupiter’s Call“. On this song, he is unveiling his soul to us all, in storytelling fashion, about how he became who he is after all. He learned and found his heart and his roots from love and self-exploration. He is now stronger with a good vision of what he wants. He sets his limits and is content with his life and ready to taste life and all the positiveness through it, without doubt.

The Fruitful Darkness Part III EP is a unique music proposition that triggers you to feel and see things from a different point of view, a more positive and wise one, where all things are happening for all the right reasons. Purchase Trevor Hall’s The Fruitful Darkness Part III EP on iTunes here, and stream it below.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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