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WPGM Reviews: OneRepublic Live At OVO Arena Wembley (In Pictures)

On the 14th, Wembley was buzzing as music enthusiasts took over, while 90,000 fans filled Wembley Stadium to see Harry Styles for one of the four shows, the sister venue – OVO arena – was filled by fans who were treated to an extraordinary live performance by the sensational pop-rock band, OneRepublic.

This exclusive show, marking their only performance before embarking on a highly anticipated festival run, left the crowd spellbound with a setlist brimming with iconic hits and an undeniable stage presence.

The magic began with the momentous opening chords that reverberated through the arena, setting the tone for an exhilarating musical journey. OneRepublic presented a meticulously curated setlist presenting their hits spanning two decades of pop-rock excellence.

Seamlessly transitioning from the introspective pop-rock of “Secrets” to the anthemic chorus of “Stop And Stare,” and culminating in the crowd-favorite, stadium-filling “If I Lose Myself,” the band’s song selection was a testament to their immense talent and ability to captivate a diverse audience.

At the forefront of the band’s mesmerizing performance was lead vocalist Ryan Tedder, who proved himself not only as an exceptional songwriter but also as a brilliant showman.

Tedder’s stage presence was nothing short of remarkable, his vocal prowess left the crowd awe-struck, hitting high notes with precision. As if the night couldn’t get any better, Tedder surprised fans with an awe-inspiring 15-minute medley of “‘number one hits that I wrote for other people”.

From the meticulously crafted setlist to Ryan Tedder’s showmanship and the surprise medley of hits, the band left no stone unturned in delivering an unforgettable night of music. They really did bring the roof down.

Next time, when OneRepublic passes through your city, make sure to seize the chance and head down to see them live because rest assured, their sheer brilliance guarantees an exhilarating and unforgettable journey – you won’t be disappointed.

Words + photography by Stefania Mohottige

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