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WPGM Reviews: Picture This Live At KOKO (In Pictures)

I saw Picture This at the KOKO in Camden for the final night of their UK tour. There was something very special about the recently restored KOKO… it has a capacity of just over 1,000 people and it still allows everyone to have a front-row seat experience, even if you’re viewing it from the nosebleed seats.

Picture This were on top form that evening, with front man Ryan Hennesy giving it all he had and the crowd lapping it all up.

With their new album Parked Car Conversation being released in September 2023, we got an insight to the atmosphere of their album from their stage design, with drummer Jimmy Rainford situated on top of a large car, with working headlights and a lamp post!

This level of attention to detail is not something that is normally seen from a male band of 4. I really enjoyed it and visually, having something that gave depth to the stage was great.

It was also very refreshing to be able to see and photograph a drummer as they are normally so far back and in the dark that it is impossible to do them justice.

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but they played a song from their new album and it received a very positive response from the crowd and I did enjoy it. I could definitely see it being a summer song, that you blast on the speakers in your car – here’s hoping it’s released as a single in the lead up to September!

A notable mention goes to their support acts, Bradley Marshall and James Smith – they were very enjoyable and had a good presence on stage.

But with Bradley Marshall being accompanied by a pianist and James Smith doing a fully acoustic set, I do think that, in comparison to the constant high energy of Picture This, they did fall a little short in warming up the crowd.

They are both very talented artists, and gave great performances but I think they would have fitted better as openers if they had full bands or at least a little more backing tracks to fill out their sounds.

Words + photography by Cydnee Brook

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