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WPGM Reviews: Razorlight Live At O2 Academy Birmingham

Razorlight showed the people of Birmingham why they still have the golden touch and made sure they never left anyone wishing they were somewhere else. A legendary band in the indie scene, Razorlight were on top form as always, a polished performance filled with enthusiasm and passion from the whole band.

They are synonymous to the indie sound and that hasn’t changed years later, as hundreds of people filled Birmingham’s O2 Academy and made this just one sold out show on their tour. The energy the band emitted from the stage was contagious, as every single one of their adoring fans sang back every single word like they’d waited their whole life to do.

As soon as the band took to the stage, the lights went up and they were welcomed with cheers, claps and screams of excitement. With it being a sold out show, the excitement from the crowd did not go unmissed. Lead singer Johnny Borrell looked amongst the sea of people who were there to witness the band in all their glory with a proud smile on his face.

Kicking off the set with “Rip It Up” and “In The Morning”, this was a throwback to the early days of the band. The show started off strong and continued to do so, as they took the crowd through a mixture of tracks from over the years. It felt like a trip down memory lane for both the band and the fans.

Razorlight are able to switch things up, changing the dynamics of the night which keeps the energy flowing and everyone in high spirits. This proved they still have what it takes to grab the audience’s attention from the very start as they take the crowd on a journey of anthemic choruses, slower melodies and up tempo indie dance floor tracks. Every track performed sounded polished and this was Razorlight on top form.

With so many bands calling it a day, seeing a band like Razorlight back on the scene and with the original lineup too, there wasn’t anything that this band couldn’t do. From quintessential indie anthems including “I Can’t Stop This Feeling” and “Stumble And Fall”, it felt like a breath of fresh air hearing tracks that made an impact on so many musicians that were to follow.

Singing along with the band like it was one big karaoke night, the smiles on the faces of everyone in the room said it all. The accomplishment of this band for the tour is summed up in a setlist that showcases some of their greatest hits.

The same sort of energy that many of their fans had seen and heard in their heyday was reflected in the performance in Birmingham. Every member on stage gave it their all and we’re genuinely so happy to be on stage again, doing what they loved best.

With “Somewhere Else” rounding off the set before the three song encore, there were no signs of slowing down even though the night was coming to an end. “Don’t Go Back To Dalston” and “Good Night” had a great reception from the crowd. It wouldn’t be a Razorlight show if “America” wasn’t part of the setlist.

It was an anthem with lyrics that are still relevant today which brought everything together and was a memorable way for the set to come to a close. The evening was a true reminder of the strength of Razorlight. They were able to hold their own over the years and proved they’ve still got what it takes.

Razorlight transported the people of Birmingham back to the early noughties and made this indie nostalgia filled night one to remember. They owned the stage from the very beginning and the audience was with them every step of the way.

Words by Sarah Akomanyi

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