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Best New Music: Andre Tajchman – Foe [WPGM Premiere]

andre foe
Independent singer-songwriter Andre Tajchman today releases his second single “Foe”. Born in Belgium and based in London, Tajchman’s first single “Weird Kid” was released in February of this year through the Soho agency Downtown Artists. The music video for this debut track reached over 10,000 views in a couple of months, and with this great follow-up “Foe”, one can only predict similar success. Much like “Weird Kid”, “Foe” was written by Tajchman with production and recording by Downtown Artists. The song illustrates Tajchman’s conversations and struggles with his inner enemies or ‘foes’.

The track begins with highly reverberated percussion, giving the listener the feeling that they are listening to the track in a large, empty room. The vocals enter after the first percussion phrase. The line “Out of my head” rests eerily at the top of the mix, with the main vocal melody supported by harmonised backing vocals. The unconventional intervals between main melody and harmony is the main culprit in creating this eerie atmosphere.

Tajchman uses the backing vocal to provide him with a unique sound, and one to highlight the anguish and pain caused by his inner ‘foes’. The way that the rhythm of the bass and percussion interact in the verse is somewhat reminiscent to that of “Fever” written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell, and perhaps best known through the countless covers by prestigious artists such as James Brown, Madonna and Beyoncé.

This comparison is limited to the rhythm and bass however, as when the vocals enter we find ourself back inside Tajchmans mind. This is emphasised when the backing vocals return, creating a similar dissonance to that of the introduction. The track builds up to the chorus and more percussion is added, this time more syncopated and more varied in timbre. The ambience and minor key keep the air of eeriness, which remains throughout the track.

The video for “Foe” was created by Tajchman, Camille Hernu, Gauthier Fairon and Thomas Stuyck. It depicts Tajchman struggling with the demons in his mind, so much so that he toys with suicide, often seen holding a gun to his head.

The use of syncopated rhythms, ambient vocals, unconventional harmonies with a dub sound are similarities found in both of Tajchman’s singles, a sound comparable to the likes of James Blake, Chet Faker and SBTRKT. His sound is however very unique, innovative and distinguishable. I would very much recommend you listen to both his singles, “Foe” and “Weird Kid”, and keep your eye on this promising artist. Purchase “Foe” on iTunes here.

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Words by Will Kitchener

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