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If you are looking for something different in your music listening and you love to hear The Portishead or Phantogram on repeat, then Ramsey is the best new choice for you. She is based in Los Angeles and is definitely making her own mark with her music, as she is producing, singing and songwriting in all of her music. The outcome of this is appealing every time, with unique trip hop, ambient sounds and ethereal vocals, throughout her darkly intense (but always in the right proportion) melodies.

Having only started releasing music about eight months ago, she continues to offer astounding records, which have amassed a massive following on Soundcloud and Facebook, which her fanbase continuing to grow daily on these social media platforms. She has also been performing live at many gigs and garnering critical acclaim, as a talented newcomer that she is, from several music magazines and blogs.

Little by little, she is making her own music statement, and unfolding her multi-talented artistic talent. She comes with the charisma of a distinctive, beautiful and hypnotising voice that captures the listener from the very beginning of her songs, and keeps them interested throughout, with added elements of dark aesthetic sounds, which intrigues us even more, to listen to her music and anticipate her new releases every time.

Her music is addictive and infused with the vulnerability that life brings, and most of her lyrics are a part of her own life experiences, or of experiences of other people who surround her in her own every day reality.

Even when she was a little girl, her dream was to be an active member of the global music landscape, so with a lot of hard work, she is making her dream come true step by step. She is definitely putting creative and aspiring sounds into her tracks and by delivering meaningful emotive lyrics and exciting instrumental tunes, she is expressing herself and wants to be connected that way, with her audience.

On “Pay” which was released a few months ago, she is very impressive with a charming artistic raw power of not caring a lot if she is showing the world her true and original self and intensions. This is something that the majority of music artists around the world feel awkward to share with their audience.

There is a censored rule against these kinds of subjects being revealed to the public, with the outcome (as they think) of having a good sterile image, that audiences will admire (even though it is not the artist’s true image), but with Ramsey, there is definitely not that intention, she is above all that!

Recently released single “The Garden” is a true representative of her music style, which sees her highlighting her music signature, with her mystique aesthetics combined with her sexy vocals, which sound like coming from another music era. Its music structure is full of emotive playful feelings, both vocally and musically, highlighting every single minute of the song without any loose parts in its whole interpretation, just brilliant!

She performs like she has enchanting powers, is special in her vulnerability, and in creating her dreamy world status via her haunting voice and fragile astounding stage performance, capturing the listener and viewer’s imagination every time. Having a seductive music style and an appealing artistic diversity in her music and her life generally, she is free, without any burdens to continue to offer more musically surprises and impressive song interpretations to her restless audience.

Keep tabs on Ramsey: Facebook // Twitter // Website

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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