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Best New Music: DOMI – Let Me Follow [WPGM Premiere]

Introducing the talented, multi ethnic group DOMI (consisting of members from Norway, UK, Czech Republic and the USA), and their new single and music video for “Let Me Follow You”. The band are new to the scene, but the music industry is already aware of the talented front woman Dominica, who made it to the final of the popular TV series Czechia Slovakia’s Got Talent back in 2010. Having been on the music scene for a long time, she has been given the opportunity to perfect her craft, and it shows.

Releasing on 8 February elsewhere, here at We Plug Good Music you can listen and watch the video for the first time. But brace yourselves, it’s an emotional video which explores the highs and lows of friendship, including the act of following and associating oneself with people that will eventually do no good for one another.

As the video starts out, we see the star of the video being picked up by her father presumably, but the girl herself seems to be isolated. When she is given the opportunity to run away and cause trouble with a group of teens, she takes it.

Next, we see the group enjoying themselves and partying, as Dominica sing “let me follow, follow you // let me feel like you do”. It seems to be that this isolated girl wants to escape from her regular life to taste a little danger.

However, things take a turn for the worst when the group bands together to rob a liquor store, and we overhear one of the members shooting the cashier. Realising her mistake in getting involved with this way of life, the girl returns to her usual state of isolation, except this time it’s different. Her loneliness is fuelled by fear instead of boredom or un-fulfillment, and in that moment she realises that she should be grateful for what she already has.

It is a message for everyone in that sense, to appreciate all the things we have in life, since there will always be somebody else struggling more than you. Presumably the teens she was hanging around with were struggling too with their own insecurities, all trying to fit in with each other, all trying to please one another.

It is a vicious cycle of peer pressure, and it happens everyday to fewer extremes in schools, universities, and in life in general.

Speaking about the video, front woman Dominica had this to say:

We wanted a story and characters that reflected on ourselves from when we were younger up until now. When I (band leader/singer) discussed the music video with my childhood friend Ruy (the director) we knew exactly how to do so. Since we grew up together we (the director and lead singer/band leader) knew exactly how it feels to do things that are spontaneous and reckless sometimes in order to learn more about ourselves”.

“Sometimes you need to try new things that might not be entirely in your character. That’s how you learn and grow. When looking at location we knew it had to be something that would be different from what is considered the norm in the UK, something that would stand out. Therefore that is one of the reasons we decided to shoot in a different country entirely, which ended up being Slovakia. It ended up having the perfect vibe we were going for”.

“Let Me Follow” draws its influences from the home countries of its members, and DOMI have created a completely fresh combination of Norwegian pop, British electronic and raw vocal style with this catchy, deep and meaningful song. Check it out below:

Words by Nicole Russell

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