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Best New Music Of The Week // April 15 – April 21, 2019

Mia Schuster – “Land”

Fledgling Los Angeles artist Mia Schuster makes her long-awaited entrance into music officially. Earmarking herself as an artist to watch this year, she releases her wonderful debut “Land“.

A beautiful, billowing pop track, “Land” sees Schuster’s sky reaching vocals. She decorates a beautiful arrangement, creating what will be sonically remarkable first offering. The track oozes with vulnerability and connection as the promising indie pop artist soars with grace on this ethereal track.

“‘Land’ is about finding that person or place in which you can finally land. The song highlights that feeling that comes when everything in your world gets flipped completely upside down – in a good way. It’s a feeling of both chaos and peace, because while everything you see is different and changing, and you’ve also found a place for your heart to finally rest.”

“This song ended up being very timely for the transition I’m currently going through in life right now, as I just recently moved to Los Angeles. […] So in my move this song became more of my truth than I had even first realized, and I’m more than happy to say I’ve found my landing place!”

“Land” is a wonderful snapshot and the perfect way to kick off a musical journey and a path assuredly with lbe skies ahead.

Ryan De La Cruz – “Syko”

With previous track “Know About Me” rapidly surpassing 1M views and huge collaborations with Ghetts and S Wavey on “Player“, 22-year-old artist Ryan De La Cruz comes through with first statement to a big year ahead with new track “Syko“.

The track is an ode to securing the bag. Or Ryan states: “put your money where your mouth is and do what it takes to hustle”. He provides a spicy melody against a clean yet bouncy trap instrumental where what he describes as ‘creepy nursery bells’ give it an extra edge.

He is literally the centre of attention in the new music video. Ryan unleashes his inner rockstar, and with some daring special effects, we are treated to an eyeful. His passion for playing on the juxtaposition of emotion and concept really come through. And the visuals really highlight his undeniable artistic eye that has forever been setting him apart from the rest.

Ryan has been tearing up the scene for a while. Drawing influences from the likes of Michael Jackson and Chris Brown as well as his tough East London upbringing, Ryan is unlike many others in the UK with his injection of soulful, R&B vibes into his fruitful plethora of inspiration. An array of upcoming shows and single drops trickling in throughout the year as well as a full project, this young artist is set for a huge 2019.

Donae’O – “The Party’s Over Here”

Having smashed 2018 with some high profile singles including “Chalice” with Belly, Donae’O is back! With a forthcoming album to anticipate, he unveils his brand new single titled “The Party’s Over Here“.

Written alongside fellow singer, songwriter and producer Shakka, this new joint is perfectly versatile. The production definitely gives off summertime feeling with it’s light, chime-filled melodies. But it’s simply constructed and very catchy, making it a heater for the house party or the club. The new track details a ‘no inhibitions’ night out with the artist, and everything about it works!

The renowned “Party Hard” crooner has delivered another feel-good track to add to his repertoire of classic UK hits and we can’t wait to hear more. The new album is expected to be released in the last quarter of this year and boasts production from Take a Daytrip and FKI 1st amongst others.

TheColorGrey – “Nothing At All”

After releasing his critically-praised sophomore album For What It’s Worth in March last year, garnering millions of streams in the process, Belgian singer, songwriter & producer, TheColorGrey returns with his latest single “Nothing At All” as he preps for his forthcoming new album.

Combining his own brand of smooth and soulful rap with an R&B-laden production, “Nothing At All” manages to sit within that thoughtful and eclectic intention that the frontman has been establishing throughout his entire career. For the first time he has recorded with a full live band, which translates in a very fresh blend of hip hop, new soul.

We’re even treated to a fresh new video. Taking the solo lead role, directed by Sebastian Boon, the “Nothing At All video is creatively pieced together with aesthetically clean shots, both dimly and brightly lit backdrops for contrast. Grey features heavily solo, while also submerged in water.

Speaking of the release, Grey explains: “‘Nothing At All’ is the type of song that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. The idea had been on my mind for years. But translating that idea into a song always was a struggle for me. I felt like I couldn’t offer the type of production my idea needed just by myself.”

“That’s why I’m so grateful for my band. They helped me to take it to that next level. Soul/R&B/funk with a message. That’s what I want to deliver. I hope people can identify with this new direction in which my music is headed!”

Bros Bros + Fred Gata – “For My Money”

Bros Bros‘ last single went down a storm and now he’s cooked up another treat. With debut single “Melodie” a great introduction, the Belgian producer spices things up with his sophomore single “For My Money“.

With Darnell Cole adding a guest verse on “Melodie”, 25-year-old rapper Fred Gata is tapped to assist in the kitchen. Tastefully mixing a delicious thick bass with sizzling bars, he’s serving his own recipe for success. Bros Bros comes in strong with the future bounce production and Fred’s flow and cadence fits perfectly. This pairing is absolutely electric, comparable to Kaytranada and GoldLink.

With such a danceable track, the sentiments could easily be lost. But our producer extraordinaire takes an adamant stand. “The world is money driven, but what if you can make money while pursuing your passion? We all chase these dreams. The message is just to work hard and hopefully we’ll soon be able to start seasoning!”

Bros Bros is surely about to get his name on everybody’s lips! He is already getting nods music tastemakers like renowned Belgian DJ Black Mamba, Studio Brussel, Spotify and Nation of Billions. Currently working on his DJ set, the artist always hungry for more is also preparing his pièce de résistance: his first album The Journey, expected later this year.

Elijah – “Slither”

North London rapper Elijah is making his introduction a big one! Taking the stage as a solo act, he comes through with his debut single “Slither” – giving us an impressive first glimpse of what’s to come from him this year.

It’s his first release since his huge yet underrated joint project Hours with fellow rapper and friend Decarno and he sets the bar high. We get to see first hand his knack for rhymes come alive with catchy hooks, tight flows and deep but playful tone. The production, courtesy of the emerging talent of MG, provides a dark and eerie drill-like canvas to the tracks sentiments.

The track is an ode to keeping it 100, with Elijah stating: “It’s is an ode to all the fake people around me at that time. There was a lot of snakey behaviour about, hence the title ‘Slither”

Between Decarno, MG and our main man Elijah, the trio built a studio and began recording, producing, mixing and mastering a variety of tracks themselves. 2018 saw Elijah and MG working closely together to create a library of huge tunes ready to drop this year. “Slither” is an exciting, crisp and authentic introduction to the young artist – We can’t wait to hear more!

Words by Jay Tijani

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