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Best New Music Of The Week // February 18 – February 24, 2019

Fabien Darcy + Jesse Blue“1995”

1995 babies… what a complicated generation of humans we are, as Fabien Darcy so pleasantly sums up in new single ‘1995’ featuring wondrous singer Jesse Blue, discussing the difficulties of love in a time of Instagram and the struggles and insecurities that people face with body image and confidence.

If you’re not feeling much love at the minute, then don’t worry as the track is released on the 17th February, a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, and will definitely, definitely cheer you up!

Kids of our generation have spent half of our life without the pressures of social media – we would meet friends at the park from school, play football until it became dark and was time for dinner, call each other on our house phones to discuss who our crush of the day was and get dropped at the cinema or ice skating on a Friday night by our parents to hold hands with that crush.

We would wear hideously coloured chino trousers with badly applied eye shadow with not a care in the world. Then, half way through our life came along the ever so controversial social media… and really, what can only be described as ‘threw a spanner in the works’.

“1995” really is incredibly relatable, and written by Fabien after seeing what he describes as “a blatantly edited picture of a girl who I have seen in real life and who is beautiful. I just could not get my head around how she couldn’t see what I could see.

This inspired the song, but I was also very aware that the track was very one sided in regards to the fact that I am a man who doesn’t feel the need to edit any pictures of myself and doesn’t understand fully why women do it. After considering this, I thought, why should I be the one to confront such a sensitive matter when I don’t fully understand, and that’s why I thought to invite Jesse to sing her side of the song”.

Fabien and Jesse spent hours discussing the topic, with it being such a complex matter, with Jesse expressing how society can make someone feel, pressuring women to look a perfect on social media, even though that certain someone may think that their image is already perfect.

“1995” is a really sensitive track, with beautiful and simplistic strings and harmonies throughout from Fabien and Jesse, however the most addicting part of this track is the messages it is giving out. “1995 baby why we be so strange, you can’t have my number, you don’t even know my name, you follow me on socials but you don’t follow what I say” sings Jesse.

The reality of this lyric is that we have no hesitation when following a stranger on social media, but in most cases, we have no interest in getting to know that person. We don’t really care what their interests are, or what job they have, or what their name is… we just care that they’ve got a pretty face or maybe a life we are slightly jealous of, and that is the raw reality which “1995” so perfectly addresses.

Fabien has been working alongside VRBL and musician/producer Moody Lew, who are developing an incredible handful of artists and networking themselves around the country. They have been added to the line-up of Love Saves The Day and Come Bye festival, as well as performing in Bristol weekly, so there is no excuse to not catch these guys.

Fabien admits that he spent last year working on a project which is now finished, but cannot reveal the release date just yet. “I believe that dropping an album goes beyond the music and I am just trying to perfect my craft before throwing things out there. In the meantime, I am planning on releasing a lot of singles this year”, so get ready for big things to come from Fabien Darcy, and check out the wonderful “1995”, out now!


The Vibbar collective have brought a creative flair like no other to the UK scene since they first came through. It’s been a bit of a while but return once again with some clean cut visuals for a new song – “Bellerin

With production being handled by TJ Confect, we are treated to two very different worlds. While the tracks kicks off with a scandalous drill vibe, the beat gets suddenly flipped on its head for a sample-heavy hip-hop finish. Matching the track, the first half of the video is shot on the estate in tracksuits. The second half is set on the cobbled streets, where suits are the attire.

Poet, Jordy and Pep from the crew drop some infectious raps over this uniquely yet well executed instrumental. Yet the visuals for the track, courtesy of Yinka, Courtney J. Bennett and Dumas really bring a fresh aesthetic.

Mishael Lazarus“Rendezvous”

Singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and creative soul. Mishael Lazarus boasts so much in his repertoire. He’s stunned and captivated many with previous singles “Fugitive“, “Follow” & “Can’t Let Go“. Now we are treated with another. First release for this year, Mishael Lazarus unveils the video for his brand new single “Rendezvous“.

The production leans on pop/rock tendencies but the individuality and distinctiveness of Lazarus’ vocal transcends genre. Bobak Nasiri & Jojo F serve as the masterminds, with Lazarus, behind creating quite a unique musical offering. The video is most definitely the central piece of “Rendezvous”. Mostly performative, it features Lazarus alone against the backdrop of darkness and alone once again in a forest.

In Mishael’s words: “Rendezvous, is a track about the struggles of relationships, we all have relationships and some relationships need constant work. In this song, I speak about my relationship with God, which stays constant despite the struggles I finds in it. We can all relate to this song as we think about those who love us unconditionally despite of our shortcomings.”

With a debut EP in the works, the anticipation is on and we certainly can’t wait. As for now, Follow his journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Stealth + The Dap Kings“Black Heart”

Fresh from releasing his brand new single “Black Heart” with The Dap Kings last week, rising UK artist Stealth has now delivered the music video for his latest track.

Set in The Dap Kings’ acclaimed recording studio in New York, the black and white visual takes a behind the scenes look at Stealth and the renowned funk and soul band performing “Black Heart”. The new single showcases his rich jazz-inspired instrumental sound and you’ll definitely fall in love with his silky vocal range.

Stealth shared: “I had the pleasure recording this with Dap Kings over in NYC and it was a dream come true. I’ve always been a huge fan of Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones who they recorded and played with, so to have the opportunity to meet and record with these living legends was unbelievable.”

Influenced by the likes of Etta James and Howlin Wolf, Stealth propelled into the spotlight with his debut EP, Intro, which peaked at #2 in the UK iTunes singer/songwriter chart and #3 in the US. A slick embodiment of the rising talent’s wistful sound, “Black Heart” marks an new, exciting chapter in Stealth’s career, with the UK artist also set to release a new EP later this year.


Following on from their addictive debut single “Vitamin“, award winning, sibling songwriters and producers MYKL are back with mesmerizing new track “Conversation“.

Sonically reminiscent to 80’s pop, “Conversation” is another infectious self-written and produced track with an atmospheric sound that highlights MYKL’s alluring vocals and ability to create effortlessly catchy pop hooks. “Conversation” is about reconnecting with someone after time spent forgetting their undeniable feelings for one another.

MYKL explains: “It’s funny how you become strangers when you’re apart, but as soon as you see them again all those feelings and emotions come rushing back and you think damn, did I make a mistake? And you want them all over again.”

MYKL (or MakeYouKnowLove) remains as an enigma, focusing on the music they create and using this to encourage people to understand what ‘love’ is. With the foundation set up through two exceptional singles out so far, brothers Anthony and Michael Hannides plan to continue on releasing their finest work through MYKL, aiming for a momentous year in 2019.

Amber Olivier“Bad Boy”

North London R&B singer Amber Olivier has been heralded by many as one of the UK R&B artists to watch in this upcoming year. She stunned many and gained real support with the release of her self-titled EP last year and now reaffirming every claim with new drop “Bad Boy“.

Production on this new joint is courtesy of U.S. producer Mike Blud and R&B talent Brent Faiyaz, the latter known primarily in his artist capacity rather than producer. The pair have conjured up a gem that both sparse and sensual and oozes new school R&B. Olivier’s vocals fit the track like a hand to a glove, with the most mesmerizingly smoky vocals.

In regards to her new single, Amber shared: “When the idea for the song was first introduced to me, I was a little younger and a little too shy to carry it how I wanted to, but I felt now was a good time to share it. ‘Bad Boy’ brought out my nonchalant yet self assured side.”

Be sure to press play above and also check out her most recent EP. UK R&B is most certainly alive and thriving.

Words by Jay Tijani.

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